Review of Hobbs and Shaw – Vin Diesel’s Presence in Nowhere Missed

Review of Hobbs and Shaw

Review of Hobbs and Shaw: The posters and title of the 9th film of the Fast and Furious franchise offer some hints about what we are going to see in the “Hobbs and Shaw.” It is dissimilar to the earlier series as there is a spin in the storyline and theme as well. Apart from the only similarity which is the presence of The Rock and Jason Statham which is obvious from the poster, you would also find great action sequences and the central theme of the family is the first priority. According to our Review of Hobbs and Shaw, there are some similarities, we can’t compare it with the earlier movies from the same franchise as there is a huge difference.

#Major Characters

Hobbs, Shaw, Hattie, Brixton


The story introduces us to some new characters including the supervillain Brixton and the character of Hattie played by Vanessa Kirby who is a spy and has found a virus. The virus is what attracts the villain who is after Hattie in order to get the virus from her. His intentions for doing so would definitely remind you of Thanos from Avengers because he too wants to kill half of the world’s population. The story takes a new turn as it becomes a science-fiction with our villain being a cyber-product and people have also started to compare it with Mission Impossible II.

Here is a twist you would love

The 2019 movie has a surprise for its fans. The characters of Hobbs and Shaw whom we have seen as rivals till now and whose timeless animosity is what has been central to all the previous films would come along and work as a team in the present series. But you should never imagine them as Shelley’s, Jai and Veeru. You would not miss the hatred because it’s always visible in their conversation. They, in fact, don’t even seem to be liking each other’s company, but it is only for the larger goal that they have to come together.

The Enemy of my enemy is my friend” – did they really believe it?

Shaw, because the spy we are talking about is his sister, and Hobbs because he has to stop the villain in order to save the world. Their enemy is common, and that is what has connected them. Just like the famous concept of, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” which connected America, Brain, and Russia against Hitler. According to my Review of Hobbs and Shaw, they can never be friends, but they had to come together to beat their common enemy Brixton, played by Idris Elba, who is the new villain in the Fast universe.

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You would not be disappointed when it comes to the action as that is what Fast and Furiousis known for; The Action-Packed Stunts. Even though Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are absent from the storyline, you would not even once miss them. Most people lost interesting the series after Paul’s death, and when they came to know about Diesel’s absence. But, the director had complete confidence in his story and his new star cast, and they have not disappointed him, I must say.


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