River rafting places, for adventurers in India, that roar


If you are big on water activities, you need to explore some places in the country for letting your hair down and having a swell time. The water activities and water fun gives an adrenaline rush to the adventure seekers. Water thrills all the escapade lovers. All they need is water and they will jump with joy!

Kullu Manali, the home of hills is one of the most popular water rafting destination in India. The flow of water and waves make the journey bumpy and exciting. Rafting on Beas river can be one of the exhilarating experiences of your life.

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Rishikesh, which has four stretches,  has been grabbing all the headlines for water rafting, of late. Water rafting on river Ganga can be one sui generis experience which you can cherish for life. It will be worth your while to do river rafting with your bunch of friends. Rafting in the rivers of Bhagirathi can be totally invigorating in Uttarakhand. Rafting through Tons river and Alaknanda river can give you a slice of life of the people and their culture. It can be one stimulating experience, out and out.

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Spiti valley can thrill the adventurers to bits. People can spend a number of days at the Spiti river. The bracing hills and the drop-dead gorgeous vistas will serve to pack a wallop. Granted that reaching here is no walk in the park, it’s all worth it and you’ll return with lots of memories.

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If you are down south, head to Coorg which offers you a mesmerizing view of pristine locations and hills. The stretches at Barapole are divided into two parts. Kundalika river in Maharashtra has become quit a hit for adventurers who have a thing for water sports. Head there for an amazing rafting experience during monsoons.


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The east of the country too boasts of fun-filled water activities and rafting experiences it proffers. Teesta river in Sikkim provides a stellar experience to the escapists who yearn to enter the world of water. The beauty and striking scenes around the river adds frosting to the cake. Brahmaputra river in Arunachal Pradesh also is one of the hot river rafting destinations in the east.

River-rafting-places-for-adventurers-in-India-that-roarImage source: TrekEarth

So head to these places like the wind to have super fun time with friends and family! Just let your camera rest in the bag and wallow in the supreme happiness of water and its adventures. You never know when the word water head can be added to the dictionary, ergo, keep your passion on and sail through the currents and tides of water.


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