RJ Naved Under Fire for being insensitive about a missing pet


We all must have had a hearty laugh at RJ Naved’s pranks on Radio Mirchi 98.3 with his astonishing sense of mimicking the people, which he has been known to inculcate at a very young age.

In his latest show “Mirchi Murga”, he calls up people and imitates varied voices, impersonating someone else, just to get on to their nerves, shared by a cordial laugh at the end!

However, it didn’t seem to be taken so well by its listeners in a recent incident where he was highly slammed for taking the missing pet’s grief-stricken news very callously.

The Noida based residents who have been worried sick for their lost pet have put up the banner for their dear one, which triggered Naved towards the new “Bakra” for his show being the pet’s already bemoaning owners!

He failed to imbibe the true sorrow of losing a pet who is always treated as a family member and ended up making a joke about it, by pranking on its family and claiming to be the person who has found a dog that resembles the one that they had on their lost-pet banner.

Even after witnessing owner’s anxiety and worry being portrayed through their words, “Usko sambhaalke rakhna yaar”, Naved unflinchingly carried off with his prank and later on revealed that it was just a joke! He kept nagging its parents with questions, which might have made a grieving family brimming with the hope and thankfulness to have finally found their adorable loving pet!

It highlights the insensitive attitude of one of the most popular RJs since pets are really dear to the people and people are really attached to them. Such pranks are highly overwhelming for the pet’s owners, rather parents!

This has surely sent the pet-lovers fuming with rage who have left no stone unturned in throwing back the boomerang on the RJs face and even ended up retorting and rebuking him for just pretending to be a “messiah” of sensitivity!

However, after approaching the radio station regarding the same they said, “We are figuring out some things internally regarding the situation”.

The Twitter is going crazy over Naved’s Insensitive prank.  Although the video has been deleted from Yotube but the listeners out there are very much disappointed with this Not So Good Prank. They expressed there anger on Twitter.

The most lovable RJ seems to have disappointed his fans tremendously.


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