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Rohit Shetty and Katrina Kaif in Controversy: Shetty Unfollows Kaif on Twitter

rohit shetty controversy

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Film Sooryavanshi’ has been gathering limelight which is directed by Rohit Shetty, though not released yet but likely to hit the box office soon. In this film Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif are in the lead role. It is also studded with other stars Ranveer and Ajay Devgn, for the on-set comedies in the film. Actors Akshay, Ranveer, Ajay Devgn and Katrina, had raised the stake of the film.

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But, somehow this time before the release of the film, some other issue is getting viral in place of the leading stars of the film, the upcoming flick is making headlines for all the erroneous reasons. Prior to the celebration of International Women’s Day, Director, Rohit Shetty has made derogatory remarks towards Katrina, which had disappointed her fans and they had responded Rohit back with the hitting remarks, by writing on the twitter #ShameOnRohitShetty, which very soon became viral.

Katrina Kaif and Rohit Shetty Controversy

This controversy all started during the film Shoot of Sooryavanshi, when Rohit narrated an incident in an interview, Rohit mentioned that Katrina’s had asked for re-shooting the climax scene, because if the promo is watched very closely then she is found blinking slightly. Though retakes were taken but after the fourth take, she went to Rohit and requested for one more retake, on that Rohit said to Katrina, honestly, no one is going to notice you, as three guys are already walking with blasts happening behind. With this she got so wild and responded with annoyance that how could he speak to her like this? But Rohit kept that shot on going.

Rohit Shetty Controversy

In the promo, she was found blinking while walking, but Kaun Dekhega? This was the exact remark passed by Rohit. But, Katrina had asked him for a retake of a shot in the film. Though, the shot was not taken again but Rohit Shetty and Katrina Kaif‘s video went viral over a couple of days now. On this he had been slammed on social media for his remarks on the actress, though it was just a part of his statement and was nothing serious. In fact, Katrina Kaif had asked for the retake when she had spotted herself blinking in the scene by mistake. But, on this just he told her that no need to worry and honestly, no one would pay that much attention on that blinking.

But anyhow, as the matter got escalated on the social media now, so, Rohit Shetty, the director of Sooryavanshi has started un-following Katrina on social media.

Katrina Kaif Controversy

Katrina Kaif after the controversial matter, had supported her director Rohit and in defence she said “Dear Friends and well-wishers… I normally do not comment on media reports or articles… But in this case, I feel a comment made by Rohit sir has been taken out of context and is being entirely misunderstood. I am referring to the comment as reported that Rohit Shetty said, ‘No one would look at me in the frame, as there are three boys there and a blast happening’, this is what was said by him.”

Anyhow, Just a couple of hours ago, the makers of Sooryavanshi had decided to postpone the film for the indefinite period due to the outburst of fast-spreading coronavirus across the globe. It is said by the makers that “Due to the recent outburst of the COVID – 19 (coronavirus), they decided to postpone the release of the film Sooryavanshi, keeping in mind the health and safety of our beloved audience.

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