Rohtang Pass: all you need to know about the ‘gateway’ pass!


Located at a distance of about 50 km from Manali, Rohtang Pass is a valley serving as a ‘gateway’ to lahaul spiti, pangi and leh valley. The place is only opened during the months from May to October and during the period from November to April, it remains close due to heavy snowfall. The place remains covered with a thick sheet of snow and is therefore, known to be the only pass in the country to be covered with snow.  In the month of May, the valley becomes hyper crowded with people looking for various adventure activities like snow scooter, skiing and mountain biking.

Often called the ‘snow point’, the place has beautiful constellation of mountains, half covered in snow and other half in shadow of milk white clouds encircling them. Generally, there is brittle sunshine or no sun at all. Consider yourself lucky if you happen to be on the top pass at a rainy day or during snowfall! The weather stands quite unpredictable there and it may rain or snow anytime. Sometimes, the rain also turns into ice pellets.

The only way to get to rohtang pass is by road. There is no other mode of transport that can take you up at the height of 13,050 ft. You need a whole day off the other destinations, to visit rohtang pass. Plan a early morning departure as there is always going to be a busy line of cars and buses waiting ahead of you! You can also tot up few food items with you as the valley has no major food joints but small stalls serving tea and maggi. On the way to rohtang, though, you’ll find a whole lot of shops serving cold drinks and other packed food. One can sit at river side (river beas running along the lanes to rohtang pass), and relish the food! . There are also local shopping stalls selling souvenirs- handmade and manufactured.

Tip: Before carrying your personal transport, do check if it the ‘permit’ list entertains your type of vehicle because later in 2016, himachal Pradesh government started issuing permits. These are given to 800 petrol and 400 diesel vehicles under this plan which can take such permit. Permit can be applied for 2 days from the current date and no permit is issued on Tuesday. A tax payment of rupees 500 is also to be paid along with permits.


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