Rolling Robot by Samsung that Functions as a Home Assistant.

rolling robot by samsung

During a CES 2020, Samsung Electronics comes up with a guest – “Ballie “which made its appearance in “The Force Awakens”. Ballie is a small yellow rolling robot furnished with a camera and enough smart to sense people around it and command connected appliances around the home. The name also calls up the automation hero of Pixar’s “Wall-E”.

CEO and president of Samsung Electronics, Hyun-Suk Kim, described the company’s vision of robots as “life companions”. Ballie is designed to react to the consumer’s need and to be vigorously helpful all around the house, functioning as an assistant and “remote control” for smart-home devices.

Samsung is setting Ballie as a sample of the next repetition of the Internet of things” that is concentrated on increasing the well-being and health of the users.  At present, Samsung has not provided any information on the price and availability of Ballie.

Sebastian Seung, a chief research scientist at Samsung Electronic says – “We believe AI is the future of individualized care”. We see on-device AI as a median to truly individualized experiences. On-device AI sets you in command of your information and secures your privacy, while still delivering the power of personalization.

Samsung’s rolling robot – Ballie, comes with the pet-like quality, answering to commands with chirps in place of a human voice. In fact, it looks to be Sony’s AIBO robotic dog companion answered by the Korean consumer-electronics companies.

Revealed at CES last year, Samsung flaunts off new capabilities for its GEMS robots along with Ballie. It looks like an exoskeleton and is intended to help with mobility concerns, like the injuries caused by strokes. Samsung says it has expanded 3 models: GEMS-A for ankles, the GEMS-H for hips, and GEMS-K for knees. Samsung displayed people using GEMS to improvise health and fitness at CES 2020. The company presented buyers using AR glasses to work out well with a virtual personal trainer, work underwater or climb a mountain, all form their living rooms. It is known as an entertainment and sport system… It acknowledges individual fitness needs and develops the experience for you!

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