Romancing the monsoons in Goa!

Romancing the monsoons in Goa

Romancing the monsoons in Goa!

Goa is this one cool beach destination among youngsters. To get ‘Goa tan’ is like a perfect return gift! But let’s break the cliché! Goa is superb during monsoon and we say ditch Goa for summer tans and Christmas carols, instead go on a romantic gateway to Goa, this monsoon and enjoy feels of drenched beaches and surreal sky!  There are few inexorable reasons to go grab a flight to the beach city, right now! Firstly, travel is cheap during monsoon session as it is generally considered an off peak session owing to the fact that after the end of monsoon, Christmas season begins which brings in lot of tourist from outside India, thus making Oct-Jan a real jam-pack period to go visit Goa! If you are someone who enjoys being away from the throng, monsoon is just the right season to step in to the place!

Another major reason to ponder upon is really cheaper accommodations! Even the finest of resorts and private beach houses, offers a 50% rebate (or even more). So getting a big room space at just INR 500 right next to a beach is no big deal!  What could more have you asked for?

And oh! Did I mention that Goa’s much sought after place to visit, Dudhsagar falls just looks mesmerizing during rains! Even if it is drizzling, it is a feeling next to enthrall to stand close by and watch the falling water. You can rent a car to reach to Dudhsagar fall, but how about visiting being completely drenched in rain? Rent open jeap or scooter and enjoy the rain at its best; something you could not dare to do during summer or even winter days!

Romancing the monsoons in Goa-DUDHSAGAR FALLS


Monsoon is also the season of celebration at Goa! Many famous festivals like Sao Jao, which falls on 24th of June, is celebrated with great pomp and show! In the month of August, a festival called Bonderam Festival is being celebrated at Divar Island. The sight of the festival is beautiful with vibrant color parades all over. Many cultural programmes are being organized at beaches as part of the celebration and if your luck favors you, you may get a chance to see an authentic Goa festival!

Romancing the monsoons in Goa! - BONDERAM FESTIVAL

Talking about the cuisine, Goan Fish Curry is something you cannot return without having! True that you’ll get it at any other time of the year too, but fishes in Goa during monsoons are garden-fresh and tastes scrumptious! Also, monsoon is the best time to relish on greenery at Wildlife sanctuaries at Goa. Witness fresh and green flora, washed in rain and wet soil with smell of the heaven- experience you do not want to miss!

So now you are aware of all the amazing things to so in Goa, go grab your partner’s hand and plan a romantic backpack trip with lots of candlelight dinners over beaches and romantic walks over old museum because you’ll love it how little drops from the sky ornaments the place turning it unbelievingly pristine and romantic!


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