Running and still not losing weight? Try this!


Although you have been very loyal to your workout schedule, without even cheating the diet as well, yet that adamant little bulging rival of yours hasn’t nudged from that place, determined to love you forever!

Tired of the daily slogging of your body, running like a crazy hound and yet not attaining any desired result?

Here are some ways to trench that arrogant jerk off your body and quench the weight loss!

Switch your pace

The switching of the pace during workout has proven very effective when compared to running at a constant pace for the entire workout as it helps in shedding the belly fat faster in annex to spurring of the metabolism.

The intervals are:

45-minute fat-burning treadmill workout

300-calorie-burning walking-jogging workout

30-minute pyramid intervals

Swimming interval workout

45-minute walk-run-sprint workout

45-minute elliptical interval workout

Push yourself a little long

Since your sole aim is shedding the overall body fat, hence, just those crunches do no justice towards trimming that waistline of yours. The key to this is only by persistent pushing and compelling yourself to do more every day. Remember 5 minutes of workout at 10 minutes per mile and burns upto 45 calories. Now keep going!

High knees

You want to shed those extra kilos off your body, which can even be triggered by running with high knees besides, the normal running. Just place your attention in straining your abs rather than your leg muscles and kick your knees up as high as you can.

Slay with this treadmill move

Set the treadmill pace to 1.0mph.

Rest your feet on a Plyo Box that’s placed almost two feet behind the back of the treadmill.

Settle into a plank position with your hands sprawling the treadmill belt.

Mark your hands on the belt and start walking, charging your torso in one straight line.

Do this for one minute by pulling your belly in towards your spine.


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