Saaho Movie Reviews: The Movie Could Not Withstand Its Own Set Bars


Saaho Movie Reviews: India’s best action thriller, Saaho, takes us through a maze of twists and turns before getting to the point. Proclaimed as one of the most expensive films ever produced in the country, the early assumptions said that the film heavily relies on action sequences. However, the truth could only be revealed after the release. Here is a detailed Saaho Movie Reviews you are looking for:

What is Saaho About? (Saaho Movie Reviews)

World’s most powerful criminal cartel, organized by their leader Roy (Jackie Shroff)  is left with no mentor after Roy’s death. Roy’s opponent Devaraj tries to overpower the gang but progress is stymied by Roy’s son Vishwak. However, Devaraj has other issues to deal with which include the quest for the black box and tones of gold.

The fight between the two leading gangsters definitely promises action in Saahobut where did Prabhas aka Ashok Chakravarthy come amid all this chaos? The answer lies in the movie.

A critical view

Director Sujeethwas entrusted with the huge responsibility of Saaho merely on the basis of his debut Run Raja Run but unfortunately, he couldn’t utilize the opportunity.

The trailer of the film created a buzz among the fans. One of the fans tweeted,

“I think it will become another India’s biggest block buster movie

The expectations is increasing day by day

It’s a very large budget movie

Prabhas is on another movie shooting also

All the tollywood is looking for this movie

Not only tollywood all over india the people is waiting

Hollywood fight masters working for this movie”

But unfortunately, the movie lost the case.

The highly predictable storyline of Saaho is the biggest issue. In order to divert the audience from that, multiple stories and numerous characters have been introduced but all they do is make the plot further messy.

Though the small blocks of the movie are lavishly shot and fine as individuals, when the plot is combined on the big screen, the narrative looks out of sync. The issue becomes apparent when the hero is introduced within the first ten minutes and the introductory fight goes on and on. The illogical part starts with the establishment of several new characters proceeding in different directions and ultimately mixing with the main plot by the interval time.

The second half of Saaho changes the entire track as the movie moves out of the country. Though the chemistry between Shraddha and Prabhas began in the first half itself, the second half merely drags it further testing our patience as the plot is easy to guess.

The lack of clarity kills the fun that was expected from the Saaho trailer. Multiple threads are entangled and then there is an effort to bring the story back on the track from time to time. This effort is a mere recap rather than clever detailing.

Instead of the story, the entire impact of Saaho hooks on its action sequence. As a source said the night before the release of Saaho “If they are hoping to acquire blockbuster status on the basis of two action scenes then it is worrisome. Audiences expect a lot more than stunts in their movie experience.”

Overall, a lot of money has been spent on the making but yet Saaho fails to impress the audience. A rich disguise cannot conceal the inherent hollowness and Saaho proves it. If you are a big fan of Prabhas and want to watch the hero on screen after a gap of two years then you might want to check out the movie. There is no other reason to spend your money on it.


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