Sacred Games 2 Review: Sacred Games 2 unable to carry its fame

Sacred Games 2 Review

Sacred Games 2 Review: Vikram Chandra’s 1000 page novel is reduced to gangster drama by Sacred Games and the wait for its second season has ended. Sacred Games 2 is so much more in terms of its social and political relevance incising it further with a touch of psychological trauma caused by multiple deaths. Though there is a comedy of conscience and audience can afford to laugh in the middle of a communal upheaval, the show drags us back again and again to the threat of nuclear terrorism.

Storming the internet earlier in 2018, the second season has received praise and critique in equal parts. Sacred Games 2 picks right from where season 1 ended, giving more details on Guruji. However, most of the users agree to the fact that its second installment is not a patch on the first.

Here is why fans are Upset with Sacred Games 2

“Is it just me or is anybody else finding the second season of Sacred Games 2 really heavy going? I loved the first season but struggling to watch this season. I Am two episodes down. Maybe it will get better” tweeted journalist Vir Sanghvi.

The digital world was waiting with bated breath for the release of India’s most popular web series but soon after the Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer released on Netflix, it was leaked online. Given the wide success of the first season in the country, Netflix went all guns blazing for the second edition of Sacred Games. With the biggest investment by any streaming service for original content in India, the company reportedly sanctioned a budget of 100 crores for Sacred Games 2 Review. Unfortunately, within hours of the crime drama dropping online on August 15, all its 8 episodes were leaked online by a website that is also involved with piracy of several other Bollywood films. Girish Wankhede says that the streaming giant Netflix could have experienced a twenty percent jump in their subscriber base of 1.2 million due to Sacred Games 2 but with the online leak, it certainly spills troubles for the producers. He added that Netflix has lost five to seven percent of subscribers due to the leak. Another great source added that the turn of events affected their existing user base as well. Current subscribers feel cheated and will rethink before renewing their subscription. Sacred Games 2 was the company’s chance to win new users and it’s a blow to Netflix that needs to be addressed soon.

But the rampant leak of Sacred Games is not the only problem troubling Netflix. After the Anurag Kashyap-Vikramaditya Motwane web went online on August 15, twitter was blazing with avid fans complaining about the subtitles of the show. It turns out that the subtitles in the second episode of the crime thriller were out of sync. Many fans faced a problem and complained that they could not binge-watch the season owing to this technical glitch. Even though the writers of the hit Netflix series may have upped the ante with the latest outing of Sacred Games, fans opted for new ways to convey their point and feelings about the second season through social media.

A flurry of memes emerged online after Sacred Games 2 Review premiered and some watchers instantly drew comparisons between the two seasons. Some fans unleashed their creativity most unique way by creating hilarious memes on the Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer.

With twitter divided over Sacred Games 2 Review, all we can say is ‘Whether you love it or hate it, you definitely can’t ignore it.’


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