Is It Safe to Say Yes If Your Kundlis Match?


Most Indians deem kundli matching to be an Integral Process as it has the ritual since centuries. Astrologers compare and analyses the birth charts of the couple, not only to ascertain compatibility of the couple but also foresee aspects related to progeny. Astrologers believe that the practice of matching kundli helps to ensure that the couple will lead a happy and comfortable life post marriage. A majority of people are unaware of the fact that less compatibility between the partners could also cause friction, financial and career problems in their marriage. As per Shasta’s, it is believed that man and woman become a single identity once they are tie the knot. As a result, your spouse’s destiny, luck and fate will influence yours in longer run as well. Kundlis form a cog in Traditional Marriages as it has been prevailing since centuries.

Various aspects like their mental, physical and sexual compatibility, personality traits and temperaments. Out of a total of 36 points scores are allotted a  higher score determines a better compatibility, while a lower scores determines poor compatibility between the partners. Eight Gunas/ Kootas are considered while matching the astrological charts. Each guna has a specific value and the sum of all eight gunas comes to a total of 36. It is believed that at least 18 points should reach between the couple to have a joyful married life. If the tally reaches more than 27then it is considered the best probable match. However, if the points come out to be less than 18, then the marriage might not sustain. Every individual seeks for a smooth sailing after marriage and thus kundli matching is essential before getting hitched.

Though mere matching of kundli’s might not be the ultimate way out for harmony between couple as there may be fallouts despite higher compatibility. But while resonating with the rituals of kundli’s and notching the threshold of necessary score it is in the best interest to Prounce yes if kundli’s match.


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