Salman Khan Case Inquiry Orders Are Finally out

Salman Khan Case

As the Salman Khan case proceeds further, the court has ordered an inquiry. The development was seen months after Ashok Pandey, a Mumbai based journalist, filed a case against Salman Khan on basis of misconduct. He filed an FIR against the actor and two of his bodyguards who assaulted Pandey despite him seeking permission to click Salman’s photograph on his mobile phone.

The incident took place on 24th April 2019 when Khan was riding a bicycle on the streets of Mumbai and was escorted by two of his bodyguards. Pandey told media that when he spotted Salman, he started making his video after seeking permission from his bodyguards but this enraged Salman and his bodyguards came to Pandey’s car and started thrashing him.

Salman’s warning of the dire consequences forced Pandey to move to the authorities. However, a source tells that police refused to file an FIR. The police claimed that no crime was committed.

Is public thrashing not a crime? Or the police refused the complained because it was ‘Salman Khan case’?

Finally, Ashok approached the Andheri court and sought registration of his case.

Pandey’s lawyer, Neeraj Gupta, has his say in ‘Salman Khan case’: My client who is a senior journalist was attacked by Salman on April 24, 2019. The actor snatched my client’s cell phone and deleted the data in it. When my client tried defending himself, he was abused by Salman badly,”. He further added, My client tried to file a complaint but police officials did not pay any heed to the matter.

It was only after the Andheri court filed Salman Khan case under section 323 (causing hurt) 392 (robbery), 426 (Punishment for mischief), 506 (criminal intimidation) part 2 read with section 34 of IPC that the case took further turns.

Presently, the Metropolitan Magistrate court in Andheri has asked the police to enquire ‘Salman Khan case’ and submit the report. A source said “The police didn’t file the FIR so he went to court asking for an FIR to be filed. Court didn’t permit that. Only asked the police to investigate and submit a report. It’s section 202 order. There is a counter/cross complain as well.”

How many more Salman Khan cases to become headlines of  Indian newspapers?


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