Samosa is much healthier than Burger – CSE Report


The recent tidings about samosa have hogged the culinary headlines for all the right reasons. The news is a curate’s egg for all the foodies out there. The famous, delectable samosa which is mouth-watering is healthy than the big burger you bite into. Yes, you’ve to believe your eyes. A samosa has been no less than a staple snack for the North Indians. A light, potato-filled patty is what a hungry soul needs. Or even a full stomach for that matter. Rest assured, it is tasty, easy on pocket and healthy too. Therefore, relax your purse strings the way you want and indulge in a samosa the way you want. There is nothing like a samosa – it’s a snack which rests in the plate of the poor and rich in the bargain. Whereas a burger still remains within the territory of the middle and the rich class, unfortunately. The burger-lovers have a bad news! Unhealthy!!

A report by Centre for Science and Environment revealed that a samosa is a healthy snack because of its natural ingredients whereas a burger is full of preservative and acidity regulators. Both the samosa and burger are unarguably the yummiest snacks, however, samosa gives the burger a big run for its money this time around for being natural and fresh. Your favorite snack has been given a green signal in terms of health, not that we didn’t know this.

According to the report by CSE, samosa has no chemicals and emulsifiers in it, therefore it is the safest and healthy option for everyone to satiate their taste buds. It’s a fresh food that can be consumed without any negative repercussions. The report stated that fast foods like burgers contain chemicals and are the basic reasons for obesity, heart diseases and cancer in India. A samosa is freshly made with ingredients that are very basic and sans chemical like vegetable oil, potatoes, water, flour. So, the risk lies in pigging out on burgers. It’s indeed a sorry news for the burger aficionados and health conscious people, in particular. The only option left is to relish the samosa full of desi flavours, ting and energy.

Well, now you can relish your perennial favorite snack without hurting your health. What better than savouring your favorite snack without any regrets, no? So ditch the burger and embrace the evergreen, eternal samosa with open arms and tongue. Wish samosa and the consumers a healthy-tasty life for ever!!


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