SC ban on firecrackers: Industry stares at Rs. 1,000 crore loss, layoffs

SC ban on firecrackers Industry stares at Rs. 1,000 crore loss, layoffs
SC ban on firecrackers Industry stares at Rs. 1,000 crore loss, layoffs

According to the recent news, it is said that the Supreme Court has put a ban on firecrackers this Diwali! This announcement has sent a rush of anxiety among the manufacturers of firecrackers, residing mainly in Tamil Nadu, as now they fear of their basic livelihood.

Tamil Nadu is believed to constitute 85% of the total firecrackers sold across the country. Being the top mongers, they are now scared to death of the other states, abiding by this “ban”.

“Diwali is the time we make maximum profits and the SC order will completely smash many units,” Asai Thmabi, president of Tamil Nadu Fireworks and Amorces Manufacturers Association, told Hindustan Times. He even agonized, that there’s nothing that could be done now, as only 10 days are remaining, not even a review of the top court!

“We cause pollution only for a week at best, but vehicles pollute the city 24×7 all 365 days. What about that?”

Sivakasi has an annual turnover of about Rs.7 crore, concerning the Manufacturing of the firecrackers. It engages itself into employing more than 3,00,000 workers for its manufacture and the other 5,00,000 for the various other sections like packaging, rolling papers, printing, transportation etc.

“We are worried about the loss of jobs and livelihood options for people if firecrackers are banned in other cities too,” added Asai Thambi.

Sivakasi has been in the bad books due to its child labor and various other accidental factors! Despite this, it has survived!

Diwali is one of the most important festivals of Hindus that imprints rich tradition and culture! But not at the expense of one’s health!


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