Shahid Kapoor Comments on Karan Johar House Party: IT’S NOT MY COMFORT ZONE

Karan Johar House Party

The controversy related to the Karan Johar house party does not seem to end as someone or the other add some spice to it and does not let us forget it. It has now taken a new turn as an interviewer has asked for Kabir Singh Shahid Kapoor’s views on Karan Johar House Party, and he opened up about the accusations of drugging at the party. All the stars including Karan Johar are silent about the topic and none has shared their views, and Shahid has won us by facing the media to talk about the issue.

Shahid’s Relationship With Other Celebrities

When it comes to Shahid Kapoor, we all have seen him for more than 15 years in the film industry. He maintained a distance from the Cool Parties. He was one of the people we used to miss at the unofficial get-togethers of celebrities. We initially loved the fact that Shahid too has joined the Karan Johar gang, but after the shocking revelation about their lifestyle, we feel he was correct.

Shahid Kapoor’s views on Karan Johar’s party, the Exact Quote by Shahid Himself

When an interviewer asked for Shahid’scomments on Karan Johar House Party, he said, “I kind of feel like I don’t belong here, I feel like a newcomer. I need to figure out this new room, and this new club that I’ve entered. Even though I’ve been here for 15-16 years, it’s not my comfort zone. I need to get my head around it. I can’t (afford to) feel like I know exactly what’s going on, and exactly what I need to do next. So, I’m trying to keep it simple, and eventually, I’ll go with my instinct and my gut.”

It is not long when Karan Johar shared the video captioned “Saturday night vibes.” The video displayed how Bollywood Superstars like Deepika Padukone, Malaika Arora, Arjun Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, etc. were enjoying themselves. Shahid Kapoor was also present with his wife Meera, and he was the only one who looked normal. He has recently shared his opinion about the party he was at. He said, he does not belong to the group and has never been with such a company. He was feeling suffocated as the party, and it was not his zone. It was the first time ever that he has attended such a party, and he is disappointed at the decision.


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