Shahid Kapoor Demanding 40 Crores After Kabir Singh

shahid kapoor

With Kabir Singh, Shahid Kapoor made a blockbuster comeback into Bollywood. Getting his first solo hit, the superhit film starred Shahid Kapoor in a different character. His new acting form has immensely impressed the audience. After the film, the demand for the actor has increased in the market. Previous reports claimed that Shahid will be charging 30-35 crores for his next project.

The news arrived the previous evening that producer Karan Johar has bought rights to Vijay Deverakonda starrer film Dear Comrade. There are assumptions that KJO will be approaching Shahid for the film but no official statements have been made yet.

On the other hand, the discussion over supervising the lead role in the remake of Nani’s Jersey is still under progress. Where the filmmakers are considering various superstars for the role of the protagonist, Shahid Kapoor is on the top of the list. The Telugu film Jersey was released within 2019. With the increasing popularity of Shahid Kapoor, the actor demanded 40 crores for the sports drama. The reason behind increasing his fees three folds is Shahid’s anger. In an interview, Shahid Kapoor said that he will become unemployed once the film Kabir Singh is released i.e., before the release of Kabir Singh, Shahid neither had any in hand script nor was he approached by any big producer. His falling filmy graph made the filmmakers withdraw their investment plans over Shahid Kapoor. Though he was approached by some producers and announcements were made but unfortunately, the films did not start. After Kabir Singh not only raised the falling bars of the actor but also beat films of other superstars like Salman, SRK and Amir Khan.

The Shraddha Srinathstarrer, released on 19th April 2019, the film revolved around the protagonist Arjun, an unsuccessful cricket player who dares to enter the world of cricket again after his son demands Indian Jersey on his birthday. Arjun gets selected for the Indian Cricket Team but collapses after the match as he suffers from a heart ailment called Arrhythmia and dies two days later. His son, grown-up Nani, after 23 years, narrates the story to an unknown woman holding his father’s book Jersey saying “That’s my father”.

Shahid Kapoor has already earned 250 crores from his previous film, he plans for a 300 crores mark with his lead role as Nani. The movie’s predecessor received a huge appreciation from the public in Tollywood. It’s still under argument whether the producers will agree to Shahid’s demands or not as the reports say that the whole budget of the film was 30 crores.


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