Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaekwad: The arrogance still in place


Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaekwad: The arrogance still in place

When the privileges and facilities extended by the government reach the head of any public servant especially when it is a Member of Parliament, such incidences as one happened in Air India flight usually happen.  While traveling from Pune to New Delhi, Shiv Sena M.P. Ravindra Gaekwad from Osmanabad seat of Maharashtra presented a wrong example by hitting the Air India Staffer Mr. R. Sukumar. Mr. M.P. was just annoyed that being entitled for a business class in flights, he could not travel in the same because of the very reason that the flight actually did not have any business class and it was an All –economy flight. When the shift manager, R. Sukumar was sent to calm him down, he was furious over him and threatened to throw him out of the door. He also hit him by his Chappals about 25 times reportedly. The video clip shown by Air India is the evidence in this regard. Though a case has been booked against him under section 308 (Attempt to commit culpable homicide) and 355 (Intent to disowner person).

 The employees of the flights are agitated due to  misbehavior by the M.P. and do not want him to be allowed to board the flights. Even Air India has cancelled his return ticket from Delhi to Pune stating that the agitated employees will not allow him to board the flight.  Then he had to take the Rajdhani route to go back to Mumbai. Though explanations have also been called from the Party Office. Gaekwad has been blacklisted to fly on any flights. However, the M.P. is not affected by all this and does not even feel apologetic and says that the victim and the Air India CMD should come to him to seek apology.

As a result of the unruly behavior by the special class of passengers, Government of India has taken it seriously to maintain a No Fly list of unruly passengers in flights. Members of Parliaments have been provided special privileges by the Government of India to streamline the functioning of the legislature and to facilitate the processes; however, instances have occurred when these privileges have been misused by MPs. The Members of Parliaments are there to serve the Indian citizens and must not forget that it is the common man whose voting right made them reach the place they are present today. Further, traveling in economy class would not have reduced the status of MP, his humble attitude would have won the hearts of many instead.


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