Shut Up, Trolls! What’s Wrong If Mira & Shahid Are Having Another Baby?


Not long after the hearty revelation by Shahid Kapoor about them expecting their second baby, the trolls have already slammed them hard, with mockery.
The showbiz world is brimming with ceaseless non-sense lampooning everyday. The target can be anyone honing a well acclaimed title .

Congratulations! Now its Shahid-Mira for having another baby! I mean I cannot even believe the intensity of fecklessness in the people around us!

What is so wrong if Mira and Shahid are having their second baby??
I am not surprised rather flustered by the people’s perception that they think they have the right to poke their big fat worthless noses into the personal “cup-of-tea” of the celebrities!I mean who had given you the damn right to do that!!

Just by being accessible through the social media platforms, they become so reckless, that they do not understand the graveness and sensitivity of any arising issue in the life of a celebrity. Don’t the celebrities have a life of their own? Aren’t they humans?
So here’s for you trollers : Are you going to decide when should one have a baby or not??
The next time, we have some celebrity’s marriage,we will find something even worse, like whoa! They have got married!

I mean have you ever wondered what you are doing with your lives,by pouring out such worthless comments and opinions about every celebrity who is in a momentary limelight on the social media! Yeah! I am certainly in terms with the fact that India is a democratic country and every being has the right to shell out their heeded notions but absolutely not by breaching other individual’s personal space!!

Shahid and Mira are just another targetted ones in a long series of the celebrities who have faced sneering abuses on the social media platforms for making their intimated choices concerning their lives!
Karan Johar has also revealed about many heinous trolls that he had faced and still faces on the social media about people questioning him about his sexuality! I mean for how long can a person sink into acclimating to such bullshits that is constantly pelted at him?
Then there was baby taimur, who was murkily trolled, post the disclosure of his name, along with his parents,Kareena Kapoor and Saif ali Khan. I mean dear trollers, are you going to decide who’s baby must be named what??

Then down the line, there are also numerous females, who aren’t spared. The trollers taget them on the roots of misogyny and sexism. Priyanka Chopra was one such victim, where she was proclaimed to be inapproprately dressed while meeting our Prime Minister. I don’t understand how can one be inaproposly cladded by covering one’s knees and neck???
Then recently there’s Swara Bhaskar who has been constantly facing the trolls for enunciating her views on one of the most horrendous crimes of the country- Kathua Rape case!

Dear trollers, again! Aren’t you shamefaced by dragging even such a sensitive issue for your wretched travesty! Hats off, to that “humanity” of yours!!
The well lauded comedian Kapil Sharma also shares his space in the trollers “Laughingstock list”. The person who was once the reason for you to fall off your floor laughing with tears in your eyes has also not been spared by your selfish-parody! I am ashamed to be a part of such a crowd, who is so uncultured, unmannared and insensitive to people’s personal issues or choices!

Who are you to decide their lives? Do you listen to some stranger’s opinion when it comes to your life? Do you think they all love this intruding limelight!! No!! they definitely don’t and now do not make it a lot worse for them to handle and mind your own worthless life to make it of a little value!


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