Signs & Symptoms of Mobile Phone Addiction and How to deal with it?

Signs &

Signs &amp: There was a time when only Land Line phones were in existence and they were only used to make and receive phone calls. Afterward, came the pagers and people started carrying them with themselves but, their use was still limited. However, with the invention of Smartphone, a drastic change has been encountered just in few years as mobile phones reached in each and every corner of the world. In present scenario, you don’t own a Smartphone but, Smartphone owns you. The reason behind saying this is because of the growth in the addiction of mobiles phones among the users particularly the younger generation.

The fear of being away from the Smartphone or not having a network coverage is known as NOMOPHOBIA which is short for “no mobile phone phobia”. According to a survey, 87% of youth said that their Smartphone never leaves their side, though 80% of the Smartphone users check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up.

Sign & symptoms of Smartphone addiction

If you are thinking that you are not suffering from addiction of mobile phones, read the below-mentioned signs and symptoms and then think again.

You habitually use your phone at mealtimes.

You spend much more time on your cell phone than interacting with others in person.

You regularly use your phone when you know that you are supposed to do something else more productive.

You often use your Smartphone while performing tasks which require focus, for example, completing an assignment, writing a report, or even at driving.

You feel uncomfortable when your phone is not with you.

You sometimes check your phone when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Ways to overcome the mobile-phone addiction

The very first thing you require to do is accept the fact that you are addicted to mobile phones.

Take it slowly and start skipping the use of the phone. One of the major mistake which is done while fighting against any addiction is the way you try to cope with it. Nothing can be changed just in a night.

Build boundaries for yourself and Uninstall the unwanted or less used apps

Try to get your phone Switched Off in a meeting, while driving or while meeting with your friends. Moreover, Try to spend time with people who have taken out few hours from their valuable time just to meet and talk to you.

Make yourself busy in productive activities. Instead of wasting your time on checking and refreshing apps and notifications, you can work on other activities. You can build up a new hobby, can start reading a book, can learn any skill and much more.

Make a no-phone day in the week: This is the best way to get over the cell phone addiction. Schedule a day in a week according to your comfort on which you will not use your phone instead of making and receiving calls.


In today’s world, almost every second person is suffering from smart phone addiction. The actual danger is that people are even not aware of the consequences it will make in future. Well, the conclusion is that everyone needs to be aware that Smartphone’s were created to save your time and not to waste it.


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