Simple Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life

Long Healthy Life

Long healthy life Secrets lies in perfect health and the secrets of perfect health lies in simple living. In one sentence we can say, for a long healthy life one should keep a good lifestyle. One should be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually such that a person is able to carry out all functions of the body perfectly without any problem then one should think, he is sound and healthy and keeps perfect health.

Long Healthy Life Secrets 1 Digestive system

Amongst all the functions of the body, the digestive system comes at the top followed by the excretory system. If these two systems are working properly and in coordination then rest other systems will be working perfectly and one will enjoy their perfect health and will increase their work efficiency.

Long Healthy Life Secrets 2 Natural Diet

A healthy person will always satisfy their real hunger with the natural diet to maintain long healthy life, their body system itself demands for this kind of natural diet. With this kind of diet digestion in the body occurs very quietly and smoothly without any discomfort and also without the requirement of any stimulating drinks. The natural diet is eating more and more uncooked food like, fruits, juices, salads, sprouts, vegetable juices etc.

Long Healthy Life Secrets 3 Drinks

If one is thirsty then should urge to have only plain water, not the soft drinks or cocktails. If the body is demanding that, then this is not a good sign of perfect health and also warns that body is facing some problem internally.

Long Healthy Life Secrets 4 Good Digestion

So, it is now very clear that natural diet leads to a good digestion this leads to perfect health. This ultimately, will have wonderful excretory system and if these two things are having good tuning with each other, then cent percent one will have Perfect health because body needs balanced amount of carbohydrates, fats,  proteins, vitamins, minerals and water for its growth, repair and defensive mechanism.

Long Healthy Life Secrets 5 System Coordination

Our body has wonderful coordination with each other and any changes occurring in the body internally will immediately get reflected in one or the other form.

Few facts are illustrated here for simple secrets for perfect health and to make one understand about the problem and one can work over it.

The skin of our body should be odorless, moisturized and nonsticky, an appropriate amount of hair at the proper places. Baldness is an indication of sick body. This shows one is not keeping perfect health and one has to switch over immediately to natural diet.

Long Healthy Life Secrets 6 Body Functions

The urine excreted out by normal person should be transparent yellow, if, it is transparent then this indicates that the person has consumed too much water, pale yellow shows one is healthy and hydrated, dark yellow normal but needs to drink more water, brownish-orange gives the sign dehydration or a possible sign of liver disease, pinkish red possibly a sign of kidney disease, urinary tract infection or tumor, blue indicates a rare genetic disease and foamy yellow a sign of kidney disease.

A healthy person’s lungs functions properly. Normally one breathes with the help of nostrils. Air enters the body through nostrils which are its natural filters. Breathing through mouth is a sign of unhealthy body. So, one has to work on his breathing grounds for healthy lungs.

If one is too tired then body gives indication of rest and eventually sleeps. In a healthy state, sleep is deep and peaceful.

A healthy person lives lively, happy and self satisfied on waking up. On the other hand an unhealthy person appears lazy and irritated.

In addition to the above parameters, a healthy person’s face is always charming, glowing and enduring. All the above facts, one can judge and can identify the state of health.

Long Healthy Life Secrets 7 Positive Thinking

Many people think that positive thinking is a believe process, but my dear friends, it is not a believe process rather it is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which one has to practice daily for positive outcomes throughout the day.   In our day to day life we come across good and bad situations but nothing is good or bad it is just our thinking that makes things good or bad. Our perception only tells us good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative to everything in the world. To notice good qualities and honesty in situations is considered positive thinking and to merely notice imperfection and worthlessness in everything is surely negative thinking. Positive thinking makes us stress-free and gives us a fresher outlook of life. Negative thinking makes us feel stressed out frustrated and disappointed with life.

Positive thoughts give rise to optimistic emotions such as kindness, love, sympathy, forgiveness, gratefulness, blissfulness, patience, confidence, generosity and hope. Negative thoughts multiply bad qualities and give birth to fear, anger hatred, suspicion, sorrows, worry, intolerance, uncertainty, self-centeredness and hopelessness.

Long Healthy Life Secrets 8 Healthy Mind

A person with a healthy mind always takes everything positive and also looks positivity in the other person. While a person with a contaminated mind always sense imperfection in the other person. Actually, this is only happening in our own houses.

Positive thinking always tries to see the positive side of things and find the things in his favor.  For example, a salesman when he is out to sell his things from door to door, if he goes with a positive mindset then without fail he will be able to sell his products and on the other hand, if he himself doubts his capabilities then he receives the same result. It is rightly said by Newton, to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Here it is his negative thinking that is responsible for his downfall. Similarly, a person who thinks that he is ill will surely fall sick as he has been inviting the same and so gets it because he has applied the secret on himself. Our biggest enemy is the group of negative thoughts in our heads. The rail to success lies only in our activities, accompanied by positive thinking.

Long Healthy Life Secrets 9 Reduce Stress levels

There are many  advantages of healthy life, the  stress levels become less, there is a feeling of happiness and contentment in every situation, one is able to tackle problems without causing any tension because healthy mindset gives the art of finding solutions to problems in a reasonable and practical manner, a person with the positive thinking is never sad or disappointed, the capacity to work increases, patience and self-confidence increases, positive encouragement makes a devil person a better person, the decision-making capabilities also increases, a creative way of thinking develops, good relationships in the family and society are maintained.

Long Healthy Life Secrets 10 Healthy Development

There is a healthy development in one’s personality and character, one reaches the heights of success, each one of us have some exceptional qualities that others may not have and having a positive thinking gives us the power to recognize those qualities, a healthy mind produces the health-protecting hormones in the body that in turn strengthens the immune system and make us healthy. People with positive thinking do not depend on others for their happiness they create an atmosphere of joy and happiness where ever they are.

Long Healthy Life Secrets 11 Yoga for Fitness

Yoga, is extremely good to maintain fitness which is essential for a healthy life, it not only works with the physical health of an individual rather gets connected with the integration of the physical, spiritual, as well as mental well-being of a person. In real sense, yoga means to “unite.” Thus the union of all the three major aspects (physical, mental and spiritual) of the body is Yoga.

Long Healthy Life Secrets 12 Self-Confidence

Good lifestyle people always keep confidence in them and keep a positive attitude; I am happy and satisfied in my life. I will try and try again until I succeed. I am my own boss and best friend. I am a humble and Cooperative person. I am focused on my goal. I am a unique person and lead a typical life to achieve success and will definitely be successful.

“Simple Natural Diet and Yoga Leads to Long Healthy Life”


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