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Skin care tips you must follow this monsoon!

Skin care tips you must follow this monsoon

Skin care tips you must follow this monsoon!

Along with pungent smell of soil and relief from harsh sunrays, Monsoon also brings in some skin troubles. Damp and humid weather that sets in as soon as the arrival of the rain is the root cause for such skin troubles as it brings a lot of infection alongside. To combat the situation, you just need to follow these simple tips!

  1. Monsoon brings in dry skin and leads to growth of pimples. To get rid of such skin problems during monsoon, drink as much water as you can. The idea is to keep your body hydrated, so make sure to consume a lot of water. If not water, keep taking in liquid in forms other than water. Flavored packaged water that are high on distribution these days, must be your regular companion during rains. You may also use rose water to hydrate your skin.
  2. Wash your face at least 4-5 times a day. Make sure that you use a water based face wash and avoid using heavy cleansing products. Buy an anti-bacterial face wash for better results. You may also try facial scrubs that helps in unclogging pores and will reduce the dampening effect on skin. Try to go for natural scrubs instead of chemical based scrubs.
  3. Use sunscreen lotion, even if sun is not visible. It will preserve the skin from attracting more moisture from the atmosphere and maintaining the PH levels of your skin. In fact, try and keep your whole body moisture-locked and clean to avoid any allergies and infections. Go for regular manicure and pedicure sessions to get rid of all the dead skin that you end up with during any interaction with rain water!
  4. Skin of your lips is said to be 10 times sensitive than rest of your body and therefore, it demands extra care. During monsoon, our lips tend to crack and create problem. Use milk cream regularly, once in the morning a once before going to bed. Also, avoid using any dark shades of lipsticks and instead go for nudes and lighter soft shades such as pinks and creams. Glossy lipsticks are a big NO-NO during rains, so whenever it pours outside, make sure you wear matte lipsticks and creams on your lips.
  5. Never go for artificial jewellery and other add on accessories that is any metal other than gold and silver. Monsoon is not the time to experiment with such jewellery, especially if you got sensitive skin. The humidity of the air will react with that artificial metal jewellery and can land you in any serious skin infection. Avoid wearing metal strapped watch or hand-piece, artificial chains around neck, artificial finger rings and other jewellery that may lead to such skin problems.
  6. Make your home-made face masks and peels, using ingredients that suits and soothes your skin type. For example, prepare a cucumber based peel off if you got dry skin, as it provides adequate moisture to your skin.


By following this quick guide, you are ready to roll in with perfect skin, this monsoon!

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