A ”Bald” Move: Sonu Nigam shaves head over ‘Azaan’ Controversy


A ‘bald’ move taken by Sonu Nigam who shaved his head on Wednesday in a vivid response to a Kolkata-based cleric, who announced a ( FATWA – as he calls it)reward of Rs.10 lakh to anybody whosoever will get his hair shaved and garland him with old, torned & ruptured shoes. This all happened after Sonu’s complaint on Twitter about being woken up by ”Azaans”.


Although Sonu had a different take on this issue. He said that he doesn’t have problems with any of the religions rather he has problems with the loudspeakers installed outside mosque or temples or any other religious places.

This issue came in the limelight when Syed Atef Ali Al Quaderi( Kolkata Based Cleric), the vice president of West Bengal United Minority Council issued a Fatwa against singer Sonu Nigam. In response to fatwa Sonu in a press conference said he will get his hair shaved. He even called “Aalim Hakim” the famous celebrity hair stylist for this.

Nigam also said that he apologized “if someone thought otherwise”. He said he raised a social topics rather than religious one, when he talked about Azaan, the Muslim’s call to prayers.


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