Speak up for the service day

Speak up for the service day
Speak up for the service day

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Mahatma Gandhi

National Speak Up For Service Day was submitted by the Mandan Lions Club and announced by the Registrar at National Day Calendar in 2014.

Speak up for the service day was established to instill and motivate the young minds to be an active part of the community service. Many a times, good deeds done by the people, go unnoticed by a large section of the community. This day marks the attention towards these godly figures of our communities as people must be in an appreciative state towards the ones who take the pain of doing something in favor of the society.

Sponsored by the Lions of North Dakota, the speak up for the service day has become an active event with the tie-up of North Dakota State Lions convention. Other Lion clubs and Districts in North America are also a part of the other similar public speaking contests, where young minds share their insights in the issues of the day and the contributions made by the Lions to make World a better place to live.


Today I want to bring forth some contributions made by the people, who are absolutely worth your time!

Binalakshmi Nepram:

Due to the existing violence in Manipur, it is a land which breeds of many widows. Nepram witnessed one such incident where a lady lost her husband, which instilled in her the realization of the fact that the women completely loose hope after the demise of their husbands. This made her give them a light of hope at the end of the tunnel, providing them with the necessary amenities like sewing machine and soft loans that can help them to become self-suffice and independent in life. This initiative by her has changed the lives of a lot of women in Manipur. God bless you girl!

Shafiq Ur Rehman Khan:

He has always been active, furious and brimming with energy, thus standing upright since his teens for the “Women Empowerment”. He has been single mindedly protesting against “Bride trafficking” along with a 300km March against “Female Foeticide and gender equality” and lastly starting an organisization “Empower people” is a proof that despite a lot of chaos, the country is still in safe hands.


In this digitalized era, he has taken an initiative for the weaker section of the society, to provide them with computers, which they build from the scratch at an affordable price. He has already created some 10,000 computers from the scratch. Now this is a true example of making the technology accesible among the weaker sections of the society and thus uplifting them and their accessibility to the real world! Well done boy!

Jadav Payang:

This man is commendable as his contribution will definitely leave you speechless. He single-handedly converted a washed out land into 1,360 acre forest. He began planting since he was 16 years old. Today he is 47 and lives in his self-created forest which is also the home of various animals like Bengal Tigers, Indian Rhinoceros, Deer and Rabbits, besides apes and several different varieties of birds including vultures. The forest department offered to employ him, but he straightly rejected as he said that being involved somewhere else, would not let him concentrate on it fully.

Sudhanshu Biswas:

One of my favorites, A true example to the world!

He is a whopping 96 year old esteemed man who has been a part of Freedom struggle after which he planned to settle in a remote village and provide a selfless service to its people. He has completely dedicated his life to the children in need and their education. He runs an ashram Sri. Ramakrishna sevashram (SRKS). Even at such a ripe age his passion, dedication and energy is beyond complimenting.






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