SAVE SPIDERMAN: Spiderman Would leave MCU after The Split between Sony and Disney

Split between Sony and Disney

Fans have gone mad after learning about the Split between Sony and Disney. Being a part of Disney, Marvel Cinematic Universe would no longer be involved in any of the upcoming Spiderman movies.

Marvel Films surprised everyone when they collaborated with Sony to welcome Spiderman in the Avenger Series. The deal was not just for a single film or series but was designed to benefit both parties as the MCU would be a part of individual movies of Spiderman while Sony Pictures would have the rights on the avatar.

But, the surprise has now turned into shock as the disputes between these two companies have ended the deal between Sony and Disney and the Marvel President Kevin Feige would no longer be a produce Spiderman movie, and the actor Tom Holland would no more appear in the MCU films.

Everything You Need To Know About the Split between Sony and Disney

The disputes started as Disney films asked Sony Pictures to update their agreement and for more shares in the overall revenues to which Sony did not agree. Tom Holland has appeared in five movies of Marvel movies including the three avenger movies Captain America: Civil WarAvengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, and two standalone films Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home. The latest Spiderman film produced by MCU has become the highest-grossing movie of Sony Pictures so far. Disney, therefore, has expressed its ambition to hold more rights on Spiderman and proposed to start a 50-50 partnership in making as well as in revenue.

Tom Rothman and Tony Vinciquerra, who lead the Sony pictures rejected the offer and wanted to have complete control over distribution and creation as they have created the avatar. They did offer some configurations in the earlier deal but were not ready for the“50/50 co-financing arrangement between the studios.”

Both companies failed to agree on a point and broke their deal as well the hearts of Spiderman fans who love watching him in the Marvel Universe with other Avengers. Spiderman fans are feeling frustrated after the split between Sony and Disney over revenue issues and using social media to express their anger and have started a campaign with #SaveSpider-man

Fans Are Sharing Such Memes to Save Spiderman

Fans are having a difficult time forgetting the connection specially the one between Peter Parker and Tony Stark who sacrificed his life to Save Spiderman in Avengers: End Game.

Some of them are even blaming Sony Pictures for the loss because they were getting all the benefits after the deal. The movies were good initially, but become the best after MCU started participating. Netizens are sure Sony would have a difficult time creating movies after the split.

Blaming Sony alone for the split might be a partiality because Sony has at least shared an official statement that they are depressed at the dispute. I would like to quote the official statement by Sony where they were“disappointed, but respect Disney’s decision.” It seems that the decision of removing Spiderman is taken majorly by Disney. Still, fans have only blamed Sony in their Save Spiderman Campaign.

Fans are finding it impossible to forget the emotional bond between Peter Parker and Tony Stark which begun with the Captain America: Civil War and was strengthened in the Avengers: Endgame where Iron Man sacrificed his life for the sake of Spiderman. But only a few of them do know the truth behind the split between Sony and Disney, and one of these fans has shared the below post on twitter.


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