Steps to prevent motion-sickness and puking while traveling


Whether it be a short trip or a long-driven wanderlust, it’s always a spoiler if you have a motion-sickness and vomiting sensations during your amazing ride!

So here is a list of steps to prevent the motion-sickness and puking while traveling!

·        Pepper and lemon – A pinch of pepper in a warm lemon water can help prevent nausea and headache.

·        Cloves– In order to prevent the dizziness, chew on some cloves with honey to enhance its taste. Cloves are also known to improve the digestion.

·        Aniseed– Intake of Aniseed tea prior to the journey is always a good source to prevent any nausea or vomiting sensations. Chewing the Aniseed is also an option as it helps in the controlling of the vomiting sensations.

·        Cinnamon Tea– This is also a good source to woo away any kind of dizziness, nausea or a headache while traveling. All you need to do is boil some cinnamon sticks in the water along with some honey!

·        Apple Cider Vinegar– Just take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it with water and rinse your mouth before leaving or whenever you feel nauseated!

·        Cumin Powder– Just mix some cumin powder with water and drink it before initiating your journey. It helps to prevent any kind of sick feeling during your journey!

 Other ways might include taking necessary steps like:

·        Do not intake anything heavy or spicy before the travel. Avoid oily and fatty foods that make your tummy feel full. Also, make sure you aren’t sedated by drugs, else you are bound to get nauseated!

·        Make sure you do not sit facing against the direction of the motion of the vehicle, as it results in dizziness and nausea!

·        Choose a place with the minimal motion like the front of the bus or middle of  the airplane over the wing etc.

·        Do not read while traveling as it leads to dizziness and then vomiting due to a headache!

·        Seclude yourself from the people who are prone to motion sickness as seeing them going through it or even talking about it can make your head go all dizzy!

·        Make sure you are seated at a place which allows a good passage of air over your face with a good view and ventilation to help you stay distracted.


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