Stop being a hypocrite. Bring a change in your own home before changing the society about women equality.

women equality

Stop being a hypocrite. Bring a change in your own home before changing the society about women equality.

 Women empowerment is the topic that everyone discusses in their own way and have ample matter to speak on. However, the question that rises is how much they themselves are contributing towards women equality in their society? Organizing competitions, giving speeches and offering discounts for shopping is not what the women’s day is meant for. Moreover, this is not what a women demands. All she needs is the self-respect, self-identity and the independence.

 This issue can be found in the family where a girl child is born. At her birth, family members express their woes because they feel that they no more have a successor, but why is it so that only a boy can be successor to the property? Why this right is not given to girls. Though girls moves to their in laws after marriage, but at least she won’t throw her parents out of the home like some boys do.

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 However, in most of the cases, those who makes such high claims about women equality are hollow people and hardly follows it in their own life. Everyone today is complaining about growing number of rapes in country and the lack of sincerity in government regarding this. These people fails to realize that your girls and women are living in your society, not with the government. Government is the body who can only make laws and following it is the duty of denizens of the country.

 No matter how advanced people are, but there are people who restrict themselves in the spheres of gender discrimination. For instance, when it comes to feeding a child in home, the proper diet is given to male child and left over is fed to girl or woman, thinking that she will one day go away. Such people fail to realize that it is the girl only who needs the nutrition the most. It is the girl who has to bear the monthly pain of periods and it is the girl who has to give birth to a new life by suffering from immense pain. Where is the boy losing something? Where the father or son is is suffering?

 Another instance of gender inequality in home is of married woman. If people claim of gender equality, then why the whole household work rests on the shoulders of female? She wakes up early in morning, prepares food, goes to the job, comes back and then is the last one in home to sleep. She has the responsibility of children as well as home. So why it is a matter of shame if a man is helping her in household chores?

 She wakes up earliest in the morning and sleeps in last. The whole day, she is busy in taking care of home and family members; still she gets the title of housewife. She does nothing, she remains at home and she is free all the time. Really! Does she really do nothing?

 Well, where is it stated that a woman should not go out after the sun sets and is she is doing so and something wrong happens with her, then she will be responsible for her? To all those who talk of keeping the girls inside, why cant you make your boys stay in the home if you know that it is they who commits blunder?

 Just think about it once. If you are talking of women equality, the first step must be in your home. Make sure that you teach your son to respect fair sex and the change will come. After all, charity begins at home.



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