Stop pressuring your kids to get married

Stop pressuring your kids to get married

Stop pressuring your kids to get married

When are you getting married?-The one line saga of every Indian household as soon as girl finishes her high school. Pressure from relatives starts rolling in to fix a well suited ‘rishta’ as soon as possible on account of an assumption that if she surpasses the age of 25, there is going to be a great difficulty in finding a perfect groom for her!

The same goes with the boy child of the house. He is expected to bring in the ‘most beautiful’ girl into family and kick start a family of his own in no time after marriage, no matter how much he is earning, because after child you got to get serious about life!

Why the Indian parents are born with this inherent quality of pressuring their child at every life stage? I say stop pressuring your kids to get married! You have given them quality education and all digital comforts so that they can grasp as much knowledge as available. They are grown up individuals and are better equipped with what is right for them at this moment. Let them decide their marriage dates and family plannings and stop being a hover over them. If you want to be pushy on your roots, tell them to grab a job at top MNC or support them to plan a start up of his/her dream, tell them to go for higher studies in well reputed universities because then you’ll get a lot of tittle-tattle to tell your ever pestering relatives.

Sometimes, after putting in every possible effort to convince their child for a proposal, I have seen Indian parents finally using their emotional tool- ‘we will not be at peace till we see you settled!’ your child is settled and happily working on his/her dream job. Do not define ‘settle’ in your own context. Be accepting on the fact that he/she has his/her own life to look upon and maybe this is not just the right time he/she is looking for any changes-in life and on the name plate outside the house. Maybe he/she is not ready yet for 2 mugs of coffee every morning?

Many poor children of their beloved parents, falling prey of the blackmail, agrees for alliance. In such hasty decisions, one always end up with wrong spouse, which cost you later in terms of financial commitments and more importantly, it cost you your peace of mind.

So isn’t it a better decision to wait for a wishful proposal or a suitable alliance rather than rushing to fish in the empty pond?




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