Stop torturing Kapil Sharma: Krushna Abhishek


Please stop torturing Kapil Sharma: Krushna Abhishek

The renowned king of comedy, Kapil Sharma, who has been known to make his audience roll on the floor laughing, has been plunged down by the endless controversies from the mid-air fight, misbehaviour with his female colleagues, a tiff with Priyanka Chopra before his show, French leaves from shoots, fallout with colors and what not!

Aiding  the same, his one of the co-star and friend Krushna Abhishek came out to his support, claiming that every man has his rise and fall and not every one, every time is in the right state of the mind to tackle everything that’s thrown at him. He further also said that Kapil Sharma is a good man and is going through some bad phase in his life, so,  the media, the public and everyone must stop targeting him as that would make him more pessimistic. He also consolingly confessed that given the right support and not troubling him much, he will make his recovery soon.

His colleague, Kiku Sharma also spoke in favor of his friend Kapil Sharma that being actors, they already have to prepare themselves to face any type of embroilments at any point of time and also being human beings, not all can juggle between their moods and reactions in different aspects of life. He also requested the audience including the media and the trolls to stop distressing him until he is fine. He further appealed the public stating the fact that Kapil Sharma has perpetually been a reason of laughter on everyone’s face due to his acting, then why not support him in his bad times.

The singer, Mika Singh was also seen supporting Kapil Sharma stating the fact that such controversies are a part and parcel of their lives and sometimes dealing with them is not easy.

The comedian Bharti also came out to support Kapil Sharma.

Although Kapil Sharma has been in the bad books for a long time now, yet sometimes humanity must overpower the mockery!

We wish to see you back soon Kapil. You still have a long way to go!


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