Success Story: These Start-up Youngsters Really Made it BIG

success story

During a problem, very often people talk about it, but they never try finding a solution for it. They feel no responsibility in understanding the problem unless they are personally getting affected by it. People those who are in job keeps struggling and those who plan their own work in innovative ways always rise. This is what we call as entrepreneurship. India is a developing country and has produced many great scholars, scientists, intellectuals and even entrepreneurs. The fire to rise is deep-rooted in Indians and that’s why Indians are doing great works globally. They always think to move at the top. This article will expose some of the lifestyles of India’s youngest entrepreneurs who have entirely changed their lifestyle, and we hope it will motivate you as well and help you understand that it’s never too late for anything to pursue your dreams of being a business owner.

Let’s capture some of these determined youngsters


success story

Ritesh Agarwal – Age 24

Ritesh Agarwal in his childhood was never fond of studies, so he dropped education in the early years. When he was 18 years old the idea of Oravel Stays struck him. The basic idea was to start a hotel chain that provides B to B. but this idea did not work for him, Ritesh then took the idea from Oravel stays to OYO rooms and voila! Ritesh started OYO with 11 rooms in a Gurgaon hotel. Today, in OYO there are about 5500 properties across 170 cities in India and has 65000 rooms in it. It is one of the best flourishing success story in India.

Ritesh started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 17 years old and totally changed his lifestyle. He after dropping college launched his first start‐up Oravel Stays Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2012. Oravel was designed to enable listing and booking of budget adjustment. Being an enthusiastic traveler, he soon realized that the budget hospitality sector lacked certainty. Therefore, he rotated Oravel to OYO Rooms in 2013 with the key proposition of offering reasonable and good accommodation.

He had benefited the society in more than one ways. He managed to achieve that lifestyle what most of the people only think of. Some of the achievements of this teenager are: He had been recognized in the top 50 entrepreneurs by the TATA first dot awards in 2013. In the global student Entrepreneurship Award, he was selected. He had been honored the 8 hottest teenage startup founders in the world by a Business Insider in the year 2013. World’s youngest CEO at the age of 17years.

success story

Farrhad Acidwalla – Age 23

The success story of Farrhad, At the age of 13, took an amount of Rs. 1,200 from his father to build an online community. At the age of 16, he took 500rs from his father to buy an online domain. At the age of 17, this young man was called on CNN. Now, when he has reached the age of 24, he is among the top successful entrepreneurs of India! A 180-degree change in his lifestyle. He sold his initial business idea to a fan for about Rs. 25,000, and used the money to start a Web Developing Media Firm called Rockstah Media. The company is now a year old and has become very popular across the nation. A real and motivating example for others to be successful entrepreneurs in India.

Rockstah Media is a cutting-edge company devoted to web development, marketing, advertisement, and branding.  Just a year old but has clients and a full-fledged team of developers, designers and market strategists spread across the globe. He is the CEO and founder, Farrhad is taking care of the clients and guiding the creative team to success. At 16, Farrhad was planning to continue running Rockstah Media, while studying finance at India’s prestigious H.R. College of Commerce & Economics. In his free time, Farrhad enjoys hanging out with friends, playing Playstation, reading, watching movies, and playing the guitar.

He is a TEDx speaker and has been the youngest guest lecturer in IIT Kharagpur’s Annual Entrepreneurship Summit.

success story

Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran – Age 15 & 17

Shravan and Sanjay, are the youngest upcoming entrepreneurs of India. They are siblings aged 17 and 15 respectively. Together, they are creating miracles and their brain is behind Godimensions. Intend of the company is to develop a simple technological solution for the digital world. In India, they are the youngest “Mobile Application Developers”. Since childhood, they were fascinated with reading books and this habit of “Reading books and solving the problems” helped them to achieve this feat. Both of them develop applications for both, Android as well as IOS platforms.

Since, a long time, we had been thinking to do something good for society,” says Sanjay. Their latest app was Go Donate, which facilitates the donation of food to local charities that would otherwise go to waste. Shravan says “In Central Asia itself, about 500 million tons of food is being wasted each year.” Social impact is a key deciding factor behind their projects. Their dad said no to one of their social projects then the boys responded by building their own low-cost version of an Oculus Rift from materials in their living room. They have their own lifestyle for analyzing the aspects.

Their operation is to have their apps installed on at least half of the world’s digital phones. The vibrant coordination of both has already developed 11 apps which have about 60,000 downloads across 60 countries! They were also listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 In 2017.

success story

Advait Thakur – Age 15

Indian tech prodigy Adavit Thakur is 15-year-old, who started using computers at a very early age of six, very soon launched his first website at age nine and has also been involved with Google’s AI and Cloud Platform for a couple of years. He is a teenage Internet entrepreneur and also a computer programmer. In 2015 at age twelve, he founded a tech company ‘Apex Infosys India’, and is currently its chief executive officer. He is a certified Professional of Google’s, Bing and Hubspot. He was ranked 4th in Wikia’s Young Entrepreneurs under 20 list of 2017, Advait having a different lifestyle and possess a different league from the average pre-teen. ‘Apex Infosys India’ provides Digital Solutions. This is also involved primarily in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & IoT Sector.

Not only this in 2017, at the age of fourteen, but he had also built “Technology Quiz,” an app to make kids learn about Science & Technology which Google had accepted after rejecting it five times. An amazing achievement by him, a self-taught entrepreneur who loves to code technology, being a programmer since he was eleven. The youngest entrepreneurs and web developer in the world has his own lifestyle in doing and implementing it.

Adavit had a great passion and also worked for the NGO name Satish Haware Divyang Centre & Beautiful Tomorrow Foundation during high school years, and helped them in getting more audience through online platform. He provided them digital marketing services for free. For this, he was felicitated by Hon. Rajkumar Badole(Cabinet Minister, Social Justice). Best achievement was that he had developed an app called “Autism Awareness” for Google Assistant which helps people to learn about autism and related disorders and their symptoms, etc. He is currently working on some of India’s most challenging problems on IoT to offer solutions to society.

success story

Arjun Rai – Age 20

At a very early age, Arjun Rai was more determined and focused on the contrary where most of the boy’s attitude towards lifestyle is irregular and unplanned. His perspective towards lifestyle was totally different. When most of the kids of his age were busy playing video games, he kept a different lifestyle and had organized a garage sale and got his first earning. Not all kids have the passion to do something different only some have the courage to think beyond the usual and show the world their potential.

Arjun had been an exemplary networker since high school. He even worked on a few projects and startups of his own and became COO of a quickly growing online advertising company in 2010, but, left it and is now gazing at, to start up with Odysseys Ads offering solutions for the 21st-century marketers. When he was pursuing graduation from New York Institute of Technology he had started two successful startups, The BizDen, and He did an internship with a PR firm in 2012. Arjun quickly realized the need to project in the tech space and eventually raised seed investment to initiate it. Now it is one of the leaders in visual project management called Canvs+.

Arjun was inspired by “The big ideas with Donny Deutsch” a famous TV show which motivated him to think for ideas and changed the perception of advertising and marketing in the tech space. He met with other entrepreneurs on social platforms like LinkedIn, who helped him to broaden his perspective and became one of the youngest and successful entrepreneur.

success story

Trishneet Arora – Age 23

What to talk about Trishneet Arora, the more we talk about, it will be less for him.
Success Story – Trishneet Arora at the age of 25, is an author, a self-described friendly hacker and the founder and CEO of cybersecurity startup TAC Security Solutions. He identifies the weaknesses in the cybersecurity of corporate and overcomes the issues faced by them. He is popular for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. He was supported by former VP of IBM, William May and has received funding from angel investor Vijay Kedia. Arora was listed among the 50 Most Influential Young Indians by GQ Magazine In 2017. The Mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico, had declared August 25, 2017, as a “Trishneet Arora Day“. Wow! An amazing budding star of India, creating miracles globally.

A report about him was published in Forbes India magazine 2017. “Arora’s biodata reads far from perfect”. He was never good at studies and failed in Class 8, “he lost almost all hopes of a secure future”. Then, he went for distance education but failed again in Class 12. “He was never interested in studies and was always a backbencher.” Arora spoke about him that he was always a very notorious child and did the entire nuisance what a child should not do and kept his parents on their toes.”

Arora was just 19 when he started TAC Security in 2013, One of the youngest ‘ethical hackers’ in the country. About the word ‘hack’, Arora spoke it is art no doubt a person with the right skills can even hack into any bank and get millions of dollars but, remember, the very next moment, he could also be behind bars. It depends on what one is looking after.

success story

Pranav Yadav – Age 28

Pranav Yadav, CEO of Neuro-Insight has said that the world has figured out many ways to go from 5,000 ideas to five. “And also, the most sophisticated companies use the most unsophisticated tools to go from those five to one.”

His success story: After post-graduation stretch at Goldman Sachs and ReD Associates, an innovation strategy consulting firm, Yadav, 31, had approached to Dr. Richard Silberstein, the inventor of Neuro-Insight’s technology. There he was offered the job of CEO at the neuromarketing firm to guide the development of his patented brain-mapping tech and designed to evaluate how to make better television ads. After he quit Goldman Sachs in 2009, he lost his visa sponsorship, the government gave him 90 days to find a new job or he’d have to return to India.

He contacted his college’s alumni network for connections to job opportunities. Luckily found a job on the 89th day of the 90 day period. Actually, he got an interview for the post of CEO but the chairman of Neuro-Insight was amused that someone was recommending a 25-year-old kid to be a CEO with no experience. At the end of the two-hour meeting, he was delighted to get the post of CEO. Even he was quite amazed and never knew what his fate was speaking about, but his hard work counted and now has a rich lifestyle.


These are the success story of a few Small Business Entrepreneurs, but such stars are many more……


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