After Sunil Grover, Kapil Sharma Now UNFOLLOWS Ali Asgar & Chandan Prabhakar!

Kapil Sharma

No one has ever thought that the fight between Kapil Sharma and sunil grover would turn this way. Kapil has stopped following Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabbhakar now on Twitter. Out of the frustration and anger he made this move because his show’s rating slipped to all time low just 2. 

After Sunil deserted him, Ali and Chandan followed the same. The show’s quality and performance has really gone down over last 4 weeks. Even kapil from inside knows this fact ( though he is not ready to accept it).According to reports, the Channel(Sony) has given kapil grace time of one month to boost up the ratings else the channel will not renew the contract.


For those who are new to the story, Sunil, Ali and Chandan stopped attending the shoots of The Kapil Sharma Show soon after The Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover big mid-air fight. Ali and Chandan, play two important and famous characters in Kapil’s show- Dadi and Chandu Chaiwallah- respectively.
This raises a lot of Eyebrows about Kapil’s Character also:  Why is Kapil not realizing that he is wrong and he should apologize whole-heartedly to the trio and including Kiku sharda(only he is continuing to on the show but he was also under fire when kapil made a remark that he is just a 10k/day artist)? Will Sony renew Kapil’s contract (the existing one ends on April 23)?

It will take a lot on everyone’s part, including Sony, to revive the magic of this show.


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