Suresh Raina Knee Injury: Jonty Rhodes Shares A Special Message On Twitter

Suresh Raina Knee Injury

Suresh Raina Knee Injury: Raina was having complications in his knee for a long time which he was overlooking. BCCI on Friday shared the news of injury and assured his fans of a successful surgery. Along with the news of his surgery, BCCI also confirmed that he would not be able to play for the next few weeks as he needs time for recovery.

BCCI on Suresh Raina’s Knee Injury

“Mr. Suresh Raina underwent a knee surgery where he had been facing discomfort for the last few months. The surgery has been successful and it will require him a 4-6 weeks of rehab for recovery.”

Everyone was shocked to see the above pictures of Indian All-Rounder Suresh Raina who got injured in Amsterdam and was wishing him luck. But, now everyone is commenting on the post of Jonty Rhodes who recently shared a post on twitter. He retweeted BCCI’s post and shared a heart-winning message for Raina. After learning about Raina’s knee injury, and the fact that he won’t be able to play for coming four to six weeks, the former batsman of South Africa, and one of the best fielders could not stop himself from wishing good luck to the left hand Batsman Suresh Raina and asked him to take care of his body.

Jonty Rhode’s Message for Raina (Suresh Raina Knee Injury)

Jonty Rhodes praised Raina for being the exceptional player and an inspiration to many youngsters and shared how Raina is always ready for practice. Jonty sympathizes with Raina who cannot sit still and desire to return for training, but also advices him to continue training after recovery and suggested it is time for rest. He tweeted:

“@ImRaina u have been an inspiration to so many with your incredible work ethic over your career, especially these last couple of years. Listen to your body now my friend – knowing u, u will want to be out training tomorrow #aramse,” #tweeted Jonty Rhodes.”

BCCI on Friday told about Suresh Raina Knee Injury also stated that the surgery has been successful and Raina only needs time for “recovery.” Raina and his fans are depressed at the fact that he would not participate in the upcoming domestic sessions of India. Harbhajan Singh too used his twitter account to wish a fast and speedy recovery. Though we are eagerly waiting for him to return, we would wish the same as we want Raina to take care of himself, and GET WELL SOON.


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