Switzerland or Paris! Which of the two is the most romantic place in the world


Switzerland or Paris! Which of the two is the most romantic place in the world

For all those who put their Whatsapp status as ‘My favourite place is in arms of my lover-this article is a must read’. Though the statement may appear one of the most romantic lines but if you are left in a vegetable market, or a transport bus in India, even the circumference of the arms of your lover may not be able to comfort you. Putting jokes apart, one always dreams of being left alone with their lover in the beauty of nature where they can hug, kiss, cuddle and come closer to each other.

Though the world is full of places with splendor and beauty of nature, but romantically speaking, out of all the continents of the world, Europe is the only one which can be labeled as the continent of romance. The romance there is in the nature. The riverside physiography, snow clad mountains of the winters, the ambience and serenity of places makes Europe worth visit  as a couple. Among the most romantic places in Europe, musical hills in Austria’s Salzburg, The beauty of Italy, Paris in France, or the Switzerland are most talked about though Switzerland and Paris score high in the field of romance.

The location between the snowcapped Alps mountains, the country has  beautiful views and one gets lost in the serenity of the place. Further, places like the city of Lucerne and Chapel Bridge, which is often decorated with flowers, is a cynosure for one’s eyes. Lying in the lap of the mountains with the love of one’s life… what can be a better experience than that. For all this, Switzerland has always been the eye candy for the romantic movies of Bollywood. Even the King of Romance , Late Mr. Yash Chopra shot so many films with Swiss Alps in the background where Sridevi to Aishwarya Rai could be seen singing and dancing clad in a saree. The St. Moritz resort is an attraction which came to limelight after winter Olympics and in Hollywood films. The place is famous for is grandeur and luxury and has some winter sporting too.


St.Moritz Resort

The Lake Geneva at the border of France and Switzerland  and the 13th century Château de Chillon-the Castle at its bank is also a place worth visting. While a witness to the medieval architecture is the city of Bern.


There is Montreux town famous for wine making. It also organizes a wine festival every year which attracts a  high number of tourists from across the world.




The Wassertern bridge in Lucerne is near to Zurich and is a beautiful place. The picturesque beauty of nature sets Switzerland apart from other tourist destinations of the world. With many other tourist attractions, one would not be wrong to call Switzerland –‘The Heaven on Earth’.


On the other hand, ‘the City of Romance’, Paris is a favourite honeymoon destination for the couples of the world as it is considered to be the most romantic place in the world. The place derives its name from the Greek mythology where Paris was a Greek Prince whose love affair with Helen caused the Trojan war. It was a Gallic tribe called Parissii that founded it and the city was named after that. So the name of the Paris itself suggest a romantic memory of the Prince Paris and Helen. Every girl on the earth dreams of being proposed by the man of her dreams at the Eiffel Tower. The fairytales of a girl’s imagination enter into reality in the heart of France.   The beautiful architecture, the finely crafted buildings and the romantic weather, there is romance everywhere in the air. Couples here can be seen taking a romantic walk along the Seine River. They get pictures clicked in front of Eiffel Tower to create a lifetime memory of their being together. For girls there is another reason to be delighted since Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world. So husbands beware! Before planning to go to Paris, do not forget to keep some handsome amount of money in your pocket if you want to always be the ‘Man of her dreams’.


 There is a lovelock bridge which has a history of couples putting a locks on the side chains of the bridge and throw the key into Seine river to lock their loves for lifetime.





One should not miss the Montmartre to see the view from The Sacre Coeur and a glimpse of the Latin Quarter’s architecture, or take a walk along the Tuileries Garden dotted with bronzed sculptures and fountains. The history, culture and architecture of Paris is admirable.


France and Switzerland, both are the epitomes of beauty and love and both have a unforgettable slot in the most romantic destinations of the world, but seeing the romantic history of Paris, I will surely vote in favour of Paris as who does not want to live a fairytale in reality.






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