Symptoms and causes of knee pain

knee pain

Knee pain is one of the most common grumblings of the people of almost all the age groups. The reason might, however, vary from a breached ligament to a ruptured cartilage or sometimes fracture. The medical issues for the same include arthritis,gout and infections.


 The placement and sometimes the intensity of the injury is one of the major factors to induce the knee pain.

The various indications to identify it is as follows: 

1.Inflammation and rigidness

2.The tinge of redness and the moderate warmth by the sense of touch

3.Fragility, instability and imbalance

4.Cracking and munching noises from the knees

5.Incompetence to fully stretch the knee

 The prime reasons

 There are various causes of this pain-wrecking problem:


 A knee injury can behold its impact on the ligaments, tendons or the fluid-filled sacs that encircle the knee joint, along with the bones, cartilage and ligaments, that are itself perceived to form the knee joint.

 The familiar injuries include:

 ACL injury: It refers to the tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament, that is one of the four ligaments connecting the shin bone to the thigh bone. It is mostly common in players due to the sudden switch in the course of their directions.

 Fracture: Sometimes the knee cap(patella) or the bones of the knee can be broken as a result of an accident. Another factor includes weakening of the knees as a reason of Osteoporosis in some people, who might encounter a fracture just by stepping wrong!

 Ruptured Meniscus: Composed of a firm, elastic cartilage, it behaves as a shock absorber, placed between the shinbone and the thigh bone, that can cause fracture due to the abrupt spin or jolt of the knee with some weight on it.

 Knee Bursitis: Some knee bruises can also cause swelling of the fluid-filled sac(bursae), that behave like the cushions and are present on the outside of the knee joint so that the ligaments and tendons can drift with ease over the knee joint.

 Patellar tendinitis: Tendinitis refers to the soreness and swelling of the tendons which are the thick, fibrous tissues that connect the muscles to the bones. The players which are engaged in the jumping activities like the skiers, runners etc are susceptible to the bump in the patellar tendon, that associates the quadriceps muscles on the frontal side of the thigh to the shinbone.

 Mechanical problems:

 Loose body: Sometimes the injury or deterioration of the cartilage or the bone can result in the breaking of the bone and cartilage and thus into the free joint space. This creates a hitch when the sloppy or the loose body hinders the knee joint movement.

 Iliotibial band syndrome: When the firm band of tissues emerging from the hip to the outside of the knee(iliotibial band) turns so firm that it strokes against the outer side of the Femur, it results into this problem. The Distance runners are mostly the victims of  Iliotibial band syndrome.

 Patella Displacement: This refers to the knee cap displacement, which makes it protrude outside of the knee and sometimes can also be easily seen.

 Hip or Foot ache: Sometimes to relieve from the hip or the foot pain, people might alter their walking and thus, unknowingly might end up straining their knees with immense weight, hence, rupturing it.

 There are also other factors like Patellofemoral pain syndrome, that refers to the originating of the pain in the patella and the thighbone(femur). It is usually common for the athletes as well as the adults, especially the ones with the already misplaced kneecap or the persons suffering from arthritis.


 Some other factors that might induce the knee pain follows

1.Being obese imparts the entire weight of the body onto the knee, which might be a risk factor for the knee pain. 

2.Having firm or lose muscles usually lend out a little support onto the knee, thus making it susceptible to the knee pain. It is also known to be the reason due to the deficient muscle power and agility. 

3.Possessing the previous knee injury might also turn out to be one of the reasons that might initiate the further knee oriented grievances. 


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