Tata Launches Electric Car Charging Station – Tigor Ev Price Cut

Tata Launches Electric Car

Tata Launches Electric Car Charging Station: The concept of Tata Launches Electric Car was thrown out by Tesla. They produce some of the most luxurious high-end electric cars in the whole world. Their cars are unprecedented and so is the price. The Indian electric car market has just started budding and already there are a number of competitors to grab the top spot. Hyundai Kona Electric and Tata Tigor EV are the frontrunners here.

Tata Launches Electric Car Charging Station

Also, the price of Tata Launches Electric Car will be on the lower end of the spectrum because they don’t pollute the environment as much as traditional vehicles. Therefore, the government has given decided to cut tax on electric vehicles to boost their sales. The GST Council recently passed a decision that reduces GST from 12% to 5% on electric vehicles. Tata Tigor EV is expecting a price slash of around INR 80,000. These new prices are currently live on both XM and XT variants of the car.

Earlier, Tata Tigor XM has priced at INR 12.35 lakhs whereas the XT variant was priced at INR 12.71 lakhs. Following the GST cut, Tigor XM will be sold at INR 11.58 lakhs whereas the XT variant will be sold at INR 11.92 lakhs. The car is not yet available for sale to individual customers. However, fleet owners such as Zoomcar can purchase it. Therefore, if you want to test drive this car, you might have to rent it from Zoomcar or you can wait for a few days before it is launched for the general masses.

Electric cars, as the name, suggests run on electricity and therefore it is necessary to develop sufficient infrastructure for it. Charging stations is a necessity for electric vehicles. Tata Motors and Tata Power collaborated to launch 7 charging stations in Pune. Tata Motors is planning to launch more charging stations in key metro cities. They are currently looking at some key locations where large majority Tata electric car users could be located. Also, Tata Motors EV customers will be entitled to 3 months of free charge and after that, they will have to pay a special discounted price.

Over the course of the next 45 days, around 40 new charging stations will be installed at public locations. A large majority of these will be in metro cities. These chargers will be operated by Tata Power. The first 50 chargers will adhere to Bharat Standard (15 kW). 30-50 kW DC CCS2 Standard chargers will be installed soon once the first stage of installation is complete. All-electric vehicle users will be able to use these chargers however, Tata Motors electric car customers will get a special price.

Mr. Guenter Butschek, CEO & MD Tata Motors Ltd. released a statement saying that this is a big step in the right direction and will increase the sales of electric vehicles in the country. Mr. Praveer Sinha, MD & CEO Tata Power stated that their mission is to make electric car charging fast and accessible to all customers.


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