Tattoo- A risk or a fashion

Tattoo-A risk or a fashion

Tattoo: A risk or a fashion?

Youngsters are ‘getting inked’ and it is nothing new! Tattoo trend has been up in the market since long. Earlier, getting a permanent tattoo used to be a big deal, but now people are indifferent to getting a design on their body parts.

Tattoos are undoubtedly a fashion statement. Unique name symbols, animal figures and even Sanskrit shalokas are becoming famous as tattoo designs. But is this fashion trend really safe? Many researchers have claimed that getting permanent tattoos over your body can land you in great trouble! Getting inked on your body, especially on sensitive areas of your skin, can result in serious skin infections, allergies and other skin related problems.

This is majorly because the tattoo ink got soaked into our blood (by collision of Red Blood Cells) and therefore, an inferior quality ink can lead to infections and skin diseases! It is therefore, always advised that before getting inked, you must first research that where you should get the tattoo from and also ask for a portfolio to see the artist’s work.

There is also a risk of getting dry skin on and around the area your tattoo is inked at. It is very important to moisture the part as much as possible. Use a good quality moisturizer around 3-6 times a day.

One of the most significant risk of getting a tattoo is getting transmitted disease such as HIV, as many tattoo studios use used ink pens and needles. Before visiting any tattoo studio, make sure to check that your tattoo artist is using sterilized needles and ink.

As stated, there are number of health risk associated with getting a tattoo apart from the fact that tattoos are extremely painful as well as expensive. Then why do people are following this trend insanely?

This is nothing more than celebrity following! Celebrities such as Deepika Padukone, who has an RK tattoo on nape of her neck and Akshay Kumar who is inked on his shoulder with initials of ‘AARAV’, his son’s name, or Priyanka Chopra with a tattoo called ‘Daddy’s lil girl’ on her wrist, are unconsciously promoting this trend! Even Sonakshi Singha flaunts her girl-next-door kinda tattoo, a star on her upper neck in almost every Instagram post of her. People tend to follow celebrities in habits-be it good or bad, and this is what is happening in the case. The popular ‘daddy’s lil girl’ tattoo which is, as told by priyanka, is in her daddy’s hand writing, is dubiously copied by number of people down the street! The cricket fans are hugely besotted by Virat Kohli’s arm gallery tattoo, and getting it in exact design and form!

Talking about the west, there is this crazy tattoo trends that are going on which makes you wonder in aversion! People there are getting eye tattoo which involves spilling ink on the white part of eyes and changing it into desired color! The latest trend that are unfolding there is the armpit tattoos! People are already going lunatic about it and we are nothing but skeptical! Sigh!


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