Tattoo Amputation : Possible Now

Tattoo Amputation

For a decade, engraving tattoo is in fashion and people are crazy of it. We have also heard that once it is imprinted it will remain forever.  When one is proceeding for tattoo imprint then one is never in intention of getting it removed. He is highly enthusiastic and promises to himself that he will keep it lifelong. So, he never doubts himself at that time.

But things never remain the same every time, with time sometimes the perception of mind changes and no matter what he would have thought at the time of tattoo engraving. Sometimes what once appeared a great idea several years later could be regret?

But now there is good news for those who want to overcome their regrets of tattoo removal. If one is looking for completely erasing it, then you are with a laser technology. Though, the laser technology has converted impossible things to possible, but, to get rid of tattoos entirely says Miami-based dermatologist Roberta Del Campo, it is not that as simple as pressing “edit, undo” on ones unfortunate decisions and not that simple as it seems to get it removed.

She further says that, before planning for the tattoo removal, one should be clear of all the consequences of it with respect to time taken, safe or unsafe, expensive or inexpensive and any other future problems after this.

Here are few things which one should know and think twice after that:

» Tattoo removal is possible

It is a form of body art where impossible to remove ink is inserted into the inner layer of the skin called dermis, where the pigment is retained for an indefinite period. On the other hand to be very clear, tattoos are not permanent, one can come out with the popular belief of permanent imprint. Of course this does depend on the ink and colors to be removed and the technology being used.

The lasers used for tattoo removal are among the strongest and most powerful as something deep imprinted has to be flushed out. A very strong, intense microscopic energy is required to break up the imprint of tattoo and this may damage pigment cells of the body exposed by Dr. Del Campo. Each cell of our body has a color, so it’s actually hitting and blowing up the ink underneath the skin. This would shatter the skin, the pigment then comes to the surface after a few days approximately it takes 8 to 10 days. During this process the surrounded area may get swollen up.

One has to use good wound care for about a week then the area will begin to scab and peel off, in the meantime one will be ready for another treatment.

Flushing it out of the system

» Flushing it out of the system

Tattoo removal methods though have been practiced for the last 10 years. The new “Tattoo Removal Lasers” are making the process easier than ever before. As soon as the laser happens to make contact with the ink in the dermis layer of skin, breaks the ink down to very small particles which goes into the lymphatic system to dispose of through the excretory process of our body.

Increases the risk of scars with time

» Increases the risk of scars with time

Quick tattoo removal process works aggressively on the tattoo and aggressive tattoo removal means that one will have a higher risk of scars. But it is the duty of good clinics to take proper care about the skin and go for gentle removal resulting in minimal scarring. Anyhow, this will take time and scarring is a very real fact of this procedure. One session will not be enough for the process naturally depending on the size, color, and age of tattoo; it may vary from 6-10 treatments to get it erased completely said by Dr. Del Campo.

Age and color of tattoo matters

» Age and color of tattoo matters

Dr. Del Campo says that, it is easier to work on the older tattoo removal than the fresh tattoos. Fresh tattoos having more ink are harder to process than the old tattoos. Tattoos differ greatly, older ink and black ink is generally easier to remove, and colors can be more demanding. Only an expert that keeps complete knowledge and is experienced in both laser and non laser techniques can give a better advice on all the options that are available with one who is going for it.


» Painful

The fact is that laser tattoo removal is painful. Tattoo removal area needs to be kept clean as it could be vulnerable to infection. Areas such as lower arms and hands are very delicate and to keep clean is not easy and often infects. According to Dr. Del Campo certain skin tendency may not respond to the lasers as well. Some of the skin tones cannot pick up a tattoo removal device. Some of the types like- black skin as laser cannot differentiate tattoo and normal skin said by Dr. Del Campo.

» Expensive

Expenses will depend on the size, color; shape etc. of the tattoo removal, but prices starts at $50 per session and one has to go for 8 to 10 rounds so, 10 times the cost. Dr. Del Campo estimates that each session can cost between $200 and $1,200, and a 2017 survey from “The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” estimates that the average cost per treatment is $401. So, one can calculate$401 times 10 treatments. Hence, one can explore and work on its cost and then can think twice.

“Always Better To Be Alert In The Beginning”

“Rather Than To Regret Later”


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