Teach Your Child About The Good And The Bad Touch

Teach Your Child

Teach your child about the good and the bad touch! It’s important!!

Children are innocent enough to be misused by anyone. The fear that a child might get abused does not only come from a stranger but also from a family, friend or the house help. A child is such a pious soul that they will never come to know that they have been abused by someone so the question of complaining about the same by them is also far sighted. One may always find it difficult to explain to a child about the Good or bad touch or to recognize if somebody is abusing them. Further, in our cultures it has been a tradition of in suitability in educating the children about their body parts and other stuff related to sexual education. However, in today’s era when the life has become so fast and the independent functioning of the youth has become a pre requisite of the time, we must teach our children about the good and bad touch so that they can be vocal at times of  being tried to be misused by anyone and thus can be protected from such filthy minds. This kind of education to a child will also be beneficial to the parents as they can relax if they know that their children are aware of how to raise a voice when feeling unsafe. It may not come as easy as it appears but there are some ways we can teach our children about the good and the bad touch:-

Tell them that they are the masters of their body:- Parents should have soft talks with their kid and in between at various intervals should emphasize on the fact that their body is  their private property and nobody can touch it without their permission. Usually the children above two years of age are able to understand something told by their parents.

Try to educate the child about their private parts and how to protect them:- In this case, swim suit rule or the undergarments rule can help. Since a swim suit is mainly used to cover the private parts of an individual and no one is allowed to touch them. So it’s a better example to make them understand in an easy way.

As a mother, it is common to hug and kiss the child affectionately. Ask the child if he loves when her mother pampers him or her like this. Obviously, a child is going to like their mother’s affections and that is the moment one must tell him that it is an example of a good touch.

We usually tell our children to be soft spoken, polite and well mannered in front of relatives and strangers. One must educate their children to shout if they find something inappropriate.

Use right words for the private parts and don’t show your shyness while explaining such thing to your child in order to have an open talk.

Listen to your children carefully:- Try to be close to your child so that they are not afraid of sharing their gaming and school secrets with you. With such openness, you will get to know about the kind of games your child plays and with whom.

Touching is not an important symbol of showing respect:- Do not  force your children to hug your relatives or touch their feet to mark them respect if your child is not comfortable at it.

Train them to say NO to things they do not like with confidence:- lack of expression for anything the child do not like can risk their life in wrong hands. The child may know that something inappropriate is happening but may not be able to retaliate. So you must teach him to say NO to unwanted things.





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