How has technology impacted the field of marketing

How has technology impacted the field of marketing

How has technology impacted the field of marketing 

Innovation in technology has affected the field of marketing as well as many other aspects and purposes in business. In marketing, the effects of technology are different and varied. Associations are entrusted with overseeing more marketing alternatives than any other time in recent memory, and buyers are more coordinated with promoting data than they have seen in the past.

The impact that the mobiles have created in the marketing industry is again something to be concerned about. No more is the time in lieu when the customers had to beg for information about a certain product to the marketer. Customers nowadays have more information about a product than the marketer himself. Customers have become ad-blind, have become more skeptical of the various advertisements and marketing techniques being adopted and implemented by various organizations. This has changed the world of marketing altogether.

Technology means there is a lot of data available to the customers and thus the field of marketing is heavily impacted. On the positive side, organizations also have access to a lot of data, what counts is what efforts do they undertake to utilize their data to their best advantage.

On the organizational front, technology has withered away the times when organizations had to suffer in arranging and organizing market data and had to think of platforms by which they would reach their target audiences. With the new advent of technology and its everyday expanse, organizations have access to more data, more information and more platforms, by which they would reach their consumers. They can search for various marketing concepts and alter their own. They can communicate directly with their clients through the use various social media platforms, social platforms, blogs, networks, YouTube videos, search engines, etc.

What is important is to fully utilize the technological aspect as a marketer. An organization can straight away connect to its customers through various relevant options and channels available through the advent of technology, like:

  • Social Networks
  • Search Engine Results
  • Blog Posts
  • Web Development
  • Smartphone ads
  • Tablet ads
  • Banner ads
  • Online Ratings and Reviews, etc

On the customer front, technology has created a huge impact on the everyday lives of the people. Consumer knowledge is increasing day-by-day due to exposure in various ad-materials and data. All the information has turned into user-friendly data because of its availability on various devices like laptops, tablets, and mobiles, and on every online distribution channel.

Privacy of the consumers is also being affected thanks to all the social media platforms craving for information on every aspect of the customer’s lives and browser cookies. All the relevant information like what are we doing. what career have we chosen, who our friends are and where we are right now, can be updated with just a click of a button. Accurate ads are then created to foster the marketing aspects into the customer’s mind.

Consumers have also gotten enough knowledge of what is appropriate and what is not. Digital advertising is taking away a larger aspect of traditional advertising. However, customers are not probably satisfied with the way things go. Because of loads of content available on the online platforms, customers tend to ignore the sponsored ad content as they now possess the knowledge of differentiating between what is real and what is not.

However, integration of all the aspects of technology and marketing, like data abundance, diverse distribution platforms, customers, products and marketers with the help of technology, is an aspect which cannot be ignored. Technology should, therefore, be utilized to its full extent for the success of an organization along with enhanced consumer experience.


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