Teen or Time to be no more virgin!

Teen or Time to be no more virgin!
Teen or Time to be no more virgin!

Worried about people finding out about your copy of Fifty Shades of Grey? Or maybe that secret stash for Game of Throne videos hidden somewhere in your personal laptop, far away from the prying eyes of family and society? Ah, Kinky young mind is the one you have!

But believe me, its normal.

Strikes the wretched puberty and causes havoc with our sex-hormones! Yes I mentioned the word: SEX and nope, it ain’t about your gender – I assure.

Have you ever drooled over that guy with that hard muscle, all six pack abs and the ultimate bad boy attitude?

Or that girl-next-door you find yourself fantasizing about?

Well my dear teen

You seem to be so keen!

To know about things,

That led to our reign!

Got a boyfriend/girlfriend and are thinking about the next step?

Losing your virginity by reading this article itself?

Virginity is well…virginity I guess. Not used? Never done before? Inexperienced? Painful?

Some things associated with the same taboo. Where our Indian spouses actually sweat over the virginities of their partners (arranged marriages) some are cool about it!

Well, to be blunt enough – two consenting individuals can have sex, but, yes – a but always butts in! You need to be careful and…that is it. Use a condom or maybe an oral contraceptive and you are good to go.

Maybe out of curiosity and even the mutual feeling – damn, why wait?

Yes, you might doubt regarding is it the right thing to do? At this young age?

If that might have been the case you wouldn’t have reached so far into reading this article. The point is, you make your life choices as an independent citizen of sound mind who is interested in a physical intercourse without coercion or undue influence. This my friends was the business law language that supports your decision.

You might come out as a minor if under eighteen but the act isn’t punishable if it is consensual. Andthe thing that we are most concerned about is: WHAT WILL SOCIETY SAY?

My question to you is: Are you actually engraving in your forehead some spicy and kinky stuff about your sex life?

What you do or abstain from doing is clearly your choice. Though in India we still consider talking about sex as taboo and the topic of pre-marital sex actually makes parents face sleepless nights, it is time to accept this human need of ours.

We are the descendants of the same ancestors who went from absolute nomadism to civilization. We are cultured people, yes we are cultured for we don’t come to live on earth by some heavenly phenomena but with two willing individuals conceptually bringing us into this world :THROUGH SEX; and so with the rational thoughts playing the role we have a clear understanding of what WE WANT.

Is it right or wrong doesn’t even come up as a question because WHO FRAMED THE RULES?

With our TEENAGE or more or less the adolescents aka YOUNG-ADULTS nowadays have quite a liberal mind-set who are now taking their relations PUBLICALLY and also SERIOUSLY.

It might be because of certain impact of Westernisation, Modernisation and so many factors contributing this. The latest Durex Condom Advertisement openly asks you to LOVE SEX. Why not? Why shy away at that Sunny Leone advertisement when you finally look up to her videos for information.

It is your choice, teen or not, virgin or not. We need WHAT WE NEED, for we are humans, THE ULTIMATE CONSUMERS and we prey on it.


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