Teenage Relationship Is Not a Crime, Parents

Teenage Relationship Is Not a Crime, Parents
Teenage Relationship Is Not a Crime, Parents

Teenage love is the most amazing combination of both joy and pain, with a mixed hue of red, blue, green, orange, white and sometimes black, with each color depicting the muddled points, one faces back then!

Dating is always healthy! Be it good or bad!

Parents must become a little unplugged regarding this and rather than reprimanding their children for doing it, must talk to them. Doing this will imbibe in them of what is right and what is not!

The children must be taught about the boons and banes of staying in a relationship, rather than forcing them for not to stay in one!!

Handling teenagers have always been a tedious task, due to the mood swings, shadowing the hormonal changes!

I believe, children learn a lot by being in love!!

They learn to compromise, it instills the sense of honesty and care, they learn to survive by being patient etc.

Someone to count on: The children go through a lot, during their teenage and hence, someone special by their sides makes them more susceptible to stay happy.

Make you a realist: Being in a relationship, forges a bond with time, which upon grooming can result into both of them growing responsible and matured with time!

Makes you emotionally stable: by dealing with various breakups and patch-ups, one becomes very stable with time! Thus, developing tolerance, which is quintessential to deal with the hurdles of lives.

Makes them responsible: It makes them responsible for whatever they do, reflects back at them. This puts them at the helm and they learn to take risks!

Remember, when your child was a tiny tot, and you refused to feed him chocolates, then what did he do?

He moved the hell and heaven to get what he/she wanted

What do you think is right??

Knowing what your children are up to or staying oblivious!

Of course the latter! Then please learn, understand and be hand in the gloves for your dear ones!! After this, they will start spilling out the beans to u, which will even give you an opportunity to rightly guide them, where necessary!!

Start being a kind of parent, this generation demands, instead of being the one that you demand!!!


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