Could a temporary marriage save your relationship?

Could a temporary marriage save your relationship
Could a temporary marriage save your relationship

Love marriages and marriage for love are two different things. Many of us have heard about contractual marriage. Thousands of people around the world have gone for it.

Yes, you are right if you are thinking about part-time companionship. Trending these days, a temporary form of marriages are the result of loneliness and to fulfill all human requirements apart from those traditional household work, pregnancy, a daily meal, and intercourse as well.

An observation says that most people get separated (Divorced) after a couple of years. There have been several reasons behind it, out of the few are silly reasons.

Loyalty Breakdown

I think my spouse is cheating on me. OHyeah! It is the question which arises soon after 2…3 months of marriage.When things move on towards the routine direction and honeymoon period is about to reach a deadline.

We generally start noticing our spouse daily routine and the fragrance he use to wear. Hats-off to all those “shakki wives”.

Getting Bored

Usually, partners get bored with all those daily stuff. No enthusiasm, no spark in life.

Joint Family Melodrama

Early to bed, early to rising, makes you a good wife. Here comes the strict timetable obviously from the side of a mother in law. Ahhh… Sometimes I just want to creep into my bed up to 10 ‘o’ clock.

Sexual Incompatibility

Husband and wife. Yes individually both, here I’m talking about spouse have to perform their respective task repeatedly throughout the week. And the study says that they hardly have intercourse in the middle of the week, it happens most probably on weekends. Working partner gets so much exhausted that he even can’t-do romance or must say that he never gets into it.

Financial Stability

While talking about independent women, they never want to depend on any male in her life. Asking money for fulfilling desires sometimes create a sense of “begging”. Certain traditional marriages don’t allow their daughter in law to go out for a job or any sort of earning. They find it pretty offensive.

Apart from this, there are many other factors which lead to split marriages. People usually marry for their family, they want someone to take care of their belongings, they want someone to pamper them, and to give birth to a new child.

But do you think about marrying a person for the sake of healthy partnership, marrying someone for the sake of love, marrying someone for the sake of sharing each and everything and for freedom?


Why? Because the hardest part of forging an alternative marriage is often the judgment of others.

Temporary marriage can save your relationship in a most creative way where you don’t have to fear about the society and the norms created by the government.

Just imagine a time when you dating someone, clutching hands, looking into each other’s eyes with confidence and whispering a lifetime commitment to be each other’s side till death.

Come out from that 87% people who just marry for the purpose of baby boomers, household responsibility and just because now I am turning to 35 and I have to marry.

Plenty people value the idea of living alone together, instead of love factor that generally keeps binding two of them together they majorly focus on a successful life, they are pretty much fair towards their open relationship and freedom of life. And obviously, we must say a successful life is a beautiful life. Isn’t it?

One brightest side for this temporary relationship is that you can detach your partner if you feel offended on any grounds. You don’t have to carry the relationship a burden on your shoulders.

Lastly, it is easy to create relation but it is much harder to stay into it. So take a chance and give a chance, who knows it is your best chance of life.


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