10 Things a girl should take care during pregnancy

10 things a girl should take care during pregnancy

Ten things a girl should take care during pregnancy

 Getting pregnant is the beginning of new life, not only for the infant but also for a mother. It is the time when a girl’s life is synchronized with a new life. However, there are certain things that a girl should keep in mind during pregnancy:

 1)Healthy diet

Having healthy diet with proper vitamins and minerals is very important during pregnancy because it is the time when you are forming a new life and whatever you will eat will directly influence the health of your baby. To give proper calcium, make sure you should eat at least four servings of dairy products daily.

2)Avoid overeating

There are certain misconceptions to eat more than required during pregnancy so that the baby is fed properly. Nevertheless, it is not true, having more than you need can led to early delivery, giving birth to pre mature baby or big baby.

3)Be happy

Staying happy is the main thing that a girl should keep in mind. As it is known to everyone that your mood directly have impact at constitution of the baby. Therefore, if the girl will remain happy and stress free, the baby will also have pleasant conduct. High level of stress during pregnancy might result in babies crying more and sleeping less after pregnancy. It can also result in less weight of baby.

 4)Make a distance from mobile phones

The more you will stay away from gadgets like mobile phones, the more healthy the baby will be. The baby who is more exposed to mobile phones during pregnancy suffers some problems like hyperactivity. Mobile phones and some other gadgets release radio waves that can harm your baby.

 5)Exercise regularly

Doing little exercise daily can help you during pregnancy in many ways. It will not led to more weight gain and can help in easy delivery. The strong abs that you will get after exercising during pregnancy will provide you the stamina during pushing stage of delivery. Furthermore, it will also give a better mood and will also act as pain reliever during second half of pregnancy.

 6)Keep yourself hydrated

Having proper water intake during pregnancy will help your body to deal with the changes that one experience during pregnancy. Moreover, it will be good for your blood cells and is good for breast milk.

7)Keep a check on intake of caffeine

During pregnancy, take no or little caffeine products. You should not take it because whatever you take will directly go in blood stream of your baby and because his body is still developing, it might harm him.

8)Take adequate sleep

It is mandatory to give proper rest o your body and have proper sleep. A proper sleep will ensure that your baby is in healthy environment and will result in a smooth delivery. However, make sure that you sleep by turning to left side and bending the knees a little so that there is no much pressure at womb and your baby can also be at comfort.

9)Take prenatal vitamins

Before you conceive, you should take some prenatal vitamins as prescribed by your Doctor which will result in good health of your baby. Having proper prenatal vitamins cam reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy. Some such vitamins are iron, calcium, Vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Also, avoid gummy vitamins, additives, allergens and wrong vitamin A.

10)Quit smoking

Smoking can also harm your baby and can result in miscarriage, growth issues, placental abruption and premature delivery. Therefore, avoid it as much as you can.


These were some things to keep in mind during pregnancy that will result in healthy delivery, a healthy baby and healthy mother. Also don’t forget to visit your doctor for regular check-ups.






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