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College is a set of a whole lot of a different experience, in one’s life! It is all packed with a bunch of roses and thorns! Fragrance today may result in a reek tomorrow. But But But! With a bag full of memories one can cherish for a lifetime!

Talking about Delhi University, one of the most popular Universities in India, one can experience as if, this place belongs to a different world within itself!

Initially, you might even wonder, as if you have come to a zoo! Lol!

Well from the sports hunks to the nerdy dunks! , this place holds sheer diversification, few of which go as under!

Gym Maniacs

This clan’s life revolves around the workout, the legs, the chest, the push-ups, the pull-ups the chin-ups, crunches, weights and what not! They are the self-absorbed, only “supplement talking and boasting”, kind, who walk around with god knows what haughtiness! Uff!! Very difficult to be around!


These are another kind of interesting ones as their lives day and night, only revolves around “that dress”, “those shoes”, “That shade”, “these stilettos” and what not! They drink, eat, read, sleep and even pee fashion!! Always competing, complaining and endlessly shopping clan!

Party Animals

These kinds do not actually give a damn of what’s happening around! They have either stoned themselves or are always in the urge of going to any party, being organized under the sun. Their lives are laden with drinks, trance music, dance, and drugs!!

Virtual Lovers

These people have no real life! They are 24* 7 ducked in their mobile phones or laptops, surfing social websites from head to toe! It’s very difficult for them to be without their mobile phones, even for a minute or so! They believe in uploading their selfies, stalking, chatting, flirting and what not! But everything online!

Nerdy Hysterics

This clan believes in the theory of “Dedicate yourself to the books until death does you apart”. There day starts with the books and ends with the books. They are mostly found in the library or in some corner digging deep into those pages! Or talking hopefully to someone but only regarding “what, how, why, where, of books” again!! Whoooo!!

Sports taut

They are mostly, the most popular and the adored clique of the college! They believe in playing, be it in any season or any day! They are only driven and can be sighted on the playground! Just On the verge of camping on it now!! They enjoy the attention and believe to be only in their pack, to maintain that reputation! Lol! Wanna get popular, befriend one!

The Rockstars: They are all bound to their music and musical instruments. They are always found plunking the strings of guitar either preparing for the next performance or showing off their present one! Always surrounded by the crowd, uniquely stand out in their appearances too, laden the tattoos, hairdos, and piercings! Imitating their best band, you know you are popular if they befriend you!

Drama queens

They are always up to some nonsense. Throwing away, shouting, shrieking, pulling off tantrums etc, is what they are good at! They crave for attention 24*7. Duh!!

The wannabees: They do nothing but just imitate their favorite ones in the college, or from a movie. Their primary intention is counterfeiting their favorite ones! This is the sole motive of their lives!

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