The 10 Best Snacks School Children Love

snacks school children love

Snacks School Children Love: Have you recently visited a general store? Do you remember the variety of snacks and cookies you saw? I am sure you won’t be able to recall all of them. I will start taking almonds to improve my memory. Is that what you are thinking right now? Don’t worry there are no issues with your memory and you are not becoming “Gajni”. I know you very well remember the snacks you used to eat as a child, even I do. There were biscuits, candies, namkeens, chocolates, and a few more items. The reason why you are not able to recall the present list because there is a wide range of options when you visit any grocery store.

Kids nowadays have become selective because they have options. There is a huge list of options when we think of the snacks preferred by children. There has not been a long time and we have seen dozens of options emerging in front of our eyes. Have a look at the list of Snacks school children love.

O’Yes Delicious

1. O’Yes Delicious– It is not long since O’Yes came into being and children of all age groups started buying them. Initially, the flavor was plane but the company soon started manufacturing different tastes including tangy tomato, mint, Chinese tadkaetc as its popularity increased India.


2. Kurkure – Kurkure is the Hindi meaning for Crunchy and it started in 1999, people with of preference of crunch and spice loved it. The company has plants in different locations of India and manufactures spicy puff rolls with numerous flavors.


3. Lays – Again a brand name that manufactures potato chips using spices of different countries and we can sense the difference in the taste as well. There are Lays India’s Magic Masala, Lay’s American Style Cream & Onion, and Lays Spanish Tomato Tango.


4. Fruiti – there are different brands that sell fruit juice but children prefer Fruiti and Maaza as they are the leading companies to sell mango flavored juice at cheap costs. Children and even adults sometimes buy the Rs 10 pack of Fruiti which is easily available in general stores.


5. Popcorn – initial people had to buy the Act-II popcorns and cook them at home, but now children can easily buy the ready to eat pop-corn from the shops. The taste is creamy and delicious and everyone apart from kids shows their love for popcorn.


6. Chocolates – the love for chocolates never ends whether it is the 90’s or 20’s. Every day new brands emerge to manufacture new tastes even in chocolates. FiveStar is one of them. It is one of the flavors produced by Cadbury, and kids can buy them at Rs 5 from any store (snacks school children love).

Oreo biscuits

7. Oreo biscuits – kids have always loved biscuits and chocolates and the secret behind oreo’s success was that they offered chocolate-flavored biscuits. There are many packs and flavors in oreo biscuits and everyone including school children and adults prefer oreo biscuits in past times.

Bingo Mad Angles

8. Bingo Mad Angles – Bingo is a company that makes and sells different flavored chips but it is very different from Lays in taste and shape. Bingo is known for its shape because all their chips are in an equilateral triangle shape.

Britannia Cakes

9. Britannia Cakes – Cakes and pastries are all-time favorite items of school children, but they can buy it even from small general stores as Britannia sell little packs where the cakes are yummy without cream.

Parle Mango Bite

10. Parle Mango Bite – School kids always love toffee, and there is a wide variety of candies, but Parle Mango is always available in all stores and school children love to eat these toffees.

There are endless options if we continue recalling the snacks school children love, but these were the top ten items Indian children buy from grocery stores. The list contains some of my favorite items, and I am sure even your mouth is watering right now. Tell me in the comment section if you too like some of these, or if I have missed something you love.


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