The Aftermaths Of Trump’s Immigration Ban

Donald Trump Ban

The immigration ban imposed by Donald Trump, the new President of United States of America has created a state of hue and cry all across the globe. Trump’s order has banned the travel of people from the seven Muslim majority nations including Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Syria. Though the ban has been imposed for 90 days on these seven Muslim dominated countries and for 120 days on refugees, the State of affairs in the U.S. and these related countries has been shaken to a great extent.  The ban is likely to become indefinite for certain countries.

Soon after the immigration order came into force, it has been reported that about 60,000 visas have been revoked for the people travelling from these seven Muslim Nations. While getting the news of imposition of this executive order, there have been an atmosphere of chaos and instability all across the globe including the neighbor countries of U.S. i.e. Canada and Mexico.

Many innocent people who were flying to reach U.S. from these seven countries while the order was being signed were detained and kept handcuffed on the airports with bombardment of questions. Many of them were sent back to their native countries. Even the visitors with a motive of receiving medical treatment from the country or the human resource who contributed to the U.S. economy by working for them were also denied entry.

The intention behind imposing such a travel ban has been announced as to stop the people with ‘bad intent’ from entering the country.

The immigration ban imposed by Trump  has created a physical barrier among the families whose members were settled in the U.S. The Executive order has led to massive protests at the airports in U.S.A. Many Civil rights groups have also protested against the order which as per them seems to be unconstitutional.

As an aftermath of the U.S. order, about four of the U.S. states have filed lawsuits against the executive order to challenge its constitutional status. And in the States of California and Michigan, the federal Judges have concluded that the order cannot ban the lawful, permanent US residents and green card holders stand out of its ambit. The main strategy that has been found to be behind this order is that once the refugee resettlement programme is restarted, U.S. will cap the number of only about 50,000 thousand people in one fiscal year.

The mastermind behind the Trump ban is known to be Mr. Steve Bannon who is also the chief strategist behind Trump’s actions. The whole Trump lobby is supporting the ban and coming in favor of defending the ban without having a consequential foresight to this blind order. Mr. Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House has also defended the ban giving a logical reason that it was important for US to take a pause and review its vetting procedures, however he also expressed his discontent over the implementation of the order and over the resulted chaos..

A report by Cato Institute very well summarizes the reasons as to why this immigration order is unconstitutional. They have explained that under the Immigration Act of 1965, it is clearly stated that ‘No person shall be discriminated while granting an immigration visa based on race, sex, religion etc.’ It has also explained that the Muslim immigrants to the U.S. are reforming Islam in a liberal way since it is seen that the Muslims who have been brought up in U.S., have become tolerant to other religions and have been able to grow out of religious fanaticism.

The immigration order has reinstated an inner circle war among the Executive and the Judiciary in America. While some judges are declaring the order unconstitutional, Mr. Donald Trump is shifting the responsibility by saying that these judges will be responsible for any terrorist attack on the country. He further added that these Judges are putting U.S. security in peril.

Mr. Donald Trump’s order for banning immigrants seems somewhat unjustified in the sense that it is not based on prudence and reflects the satisfaction of the egos of the Trump lobby. It appears to be more of personal grudges than the national interest. To argue against Trump’s order, one must see that in the name of terrorism, only seven Muslim dominated countries have been put under the scanner and few countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt have been left out. If we see the past history of the attacks seen in the last fifteen years in the U.S., we cannot find any culprit from these seven countries. In the previous years, the attacks that happened in the U.S. were primarily crafted by the people who were permanent residents of the U.S. though they were also the Muslims who were brought up in U.S. It is sad to conclude that less than one percent of the people involved in some destructive activities, the whole community has been declared as the offender.

With a broad minded approach, if we see, the terrorism does not have any direct relation to the religion or country. The whole world is a large society composed of good and bad people. It is the extremist forces in various countries which are found to be behind the terrorist attacks across the globe. So, blaming the Islamic community only to be responsible for the attacks would not be the right course of action. On humanitarian grounds, the Trump order appears to be another example of dictatorship though this platonic dictatorship is trying to cross its boundaries.

Mr. Trump’s actions as the President of United States of America are not able to send any harmonious, brotherhood to the fellow nations of the world.


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