The Broken Angel

The Broken Angel
The Broken Angel

Heartbreaks are a part and parcel of life. It feels like your soul has been torn and shredded to pieces. The undefined intolerable pain is what I define it to be!! It is the most heart wrenching pain and agony that one goes through!

She was a game, she was fire,

She was a gem, she was desire,

She knew her stance,

She knew her power,

She knew her will,

Her golden dire.

She was well versed of the reasons to breathe,

Yet there was something in her that screeched.

He was her drug, he was her spree,

He was her moment of ecstasy,

Her heartbeat ,forever sprinted with his thoughts,

She always wandered with him in his slots.

She was always occupied with him at her side,

She would reach to any extent, just to see him smile,

She stood like a pillar, so determined , to deter,

She enclosed him in a bubble, sweetened with her nectar.

She was his back, he her cure,

Motivated by his essence, glued to his soul.

She drew no lines, despite his endless lies,

She kept fixing her broken heart, no matter the no. of times it ripped apart.

Finally, there came a day when he flew so high,

He let go off her grip, to move on with his new choice.

She stood stoned, watching him go,

Could do nothing but to see him sow

Fighting her misery, she laid off with the flow.

She was left alone, drenched in her pain,

He on the other hand, was gay at his new bay.

Her heart grew tired and she grew strong,

With every passing day, the effect tightened d hose.

She kept failing, to imbibe the truth,

No matter how hard she tried to let it hit.

Today she is blooming with flying colors,

Head held high, and focused in her tier.

She knows her grips, she feels her trips,

But somewhere her slithering heart and broken soul have now been eternally slit.

#Despite it, don’t lose hope, just hold that noose and pull yourself forward, persistent not to look behind, because if you have loved a person so unconditionally, then just believe in yourself, turn back, burn that bridge and move on, as life stops for none!!

Going through a depression??

Here is a list of things you can do to overcome one:

Listen to good pumping music.

Hit the gym.

Read a book.

Practice yoga.

Practice meditation to calm your mind.

Indulge into your favorite activity.


Play with kids

Talk to your parents about it.

Hang out with new friends.

Just do whatever makes you happy, but take care not to involve yourself in some stress relieving pills or drugs!!

Once you are out, you will realize, how much you have learnt from it!!

Take it positively and keep moving!





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