The Festival of Holi Celebrations in Incredible India

lathmaar holi

The festival of Holi in different States of India.

The festival of colours, Holi is celebrated across India. However, due to distinction in cultures and traditions of various states, the rituals performed on the festival are somewhat different in nature. Here are some forms of Holi festival as celebrated in different states.

  1. Lathmaar Holi– According to mythology, tradition of celebrating Holi is believed to be started in Barsana which includes Virndavan, Mathura, Nandgaon also. Lord Krishna used to play Holi with his Gopis in the region. Here, a unique tradition is practiced while playing Holi in which women symbolically beat their husbands with Lathis.lathmaar holi
  2. Hola Mohalla– It is a traditional way of celebrating Holi in Punjab in which Nihang Sikhs display martial arts.holla mohalla holi
  3. Dol Jatra in West Bengal– In west Bengal, the idols of Radha and Krishna are taken out in large processions alongside colours are spread by devotees in an atmosphere of fun and joy.dol jatra in west bengal
  4. Yaosang-It is the form of Holi played in Manipur and in this form also, colours are an important part. On the occasion, a Manipuri Folk Dance called Thangal Chongba is performed.yaosang holi
  5. Manjal Kuli- Holi has never been a major festival of South India. However, some communities in Kerala celebrate this festival in the form of Manjal Kuli. The centre point of the festival is in Gosipuram, Thirumala.manjal kuli
  6. Shigmo– The welcome of spring and the folk dances by the farmers in Goa adds to the beauty of the State. shigmo in goa
  7. Phagua – In Bihar, Holi is known as the Phagua festival in Bhojpuri language. The pyre is lightened up before playing the festival with colours. Bhang is an important part of celebrating the festival.phagua holi
  8. Rang Panchami– In Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, the festival is known as Rang Panchami. Here, adifference lies in the celebration than other places as the colourful festival is played on the fifth day after Holika pyre.rang panchami
  9. Phakuwah– It is the traditional Holi festival in Assam. And the festival is somewhat similar to Dol Jatra. ON the occasion, clay huts are burnt to signify Holika dahan.phakuwa holi

Whatever form may it be celebrated, the ultimate spirit of the festival will remain the same and that is to spread the colours of love, joy and happiness across the country and to remove any hatred from the hearts.



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