GADGETS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 2019 :  We live in an interesting world today. New gadgets come out every now and then which take our life one step closer to how we have imagined our future to be. Here is a list of gadgets that will change our life in 2019 and in the years to come. Most of these were unthinkable 5 years ago but rapid technological developments have made this possible. Don’t be surprised if you see some bizarre items on the list. Let’s get started!


1. E-INK TATTOO MACHINE: Who doesn’t want a fancy piece of permanent artwork on their skin but the thought of multiple needles puncturing your skin to inject color is scary. Also, traditional tattooing is very painful. The E-ink tattoo Machine makes use of a special kind of canvas which can be printed on your skin. It can be removed using the same machine. The main takeaway here is that you can erase and draw a new tattoo anytime.

2. WINEMAKER: Winemaker is an electronic contraption designed by Singaporean scientists that can change water into wine when poured inside it. Not only wine, but it can also convert water into any drink you want. The device is called a virtual cocktail and comes with a mobile application. You can use the mobile application to change the taste and color of the liquid inside.

3. SMART GLASSES: Wearable tech is becoming increasingly popular but we haven’t seen any substantial wearable tech for the eyes. Google made an attempt to manufacture Google Lens. They were somewhat successful but the device wasn’t ready for sale then. But Vue Glasses are here with a much-refined user interface. It can be used to make calls, listen to music, count calories, and navigate around and so on. The glasses have touch controls and can be charged wirelessly when placed inside the case.

4. SELF CLEANING TOOTHBRUSH: Gone are the days when you had to brush your teeth with a brush. Amabrush is a self-cleaning toothbrush and does the job pretty well. The contraption is in the shape of your teeth and all you have to do is place it inside your mouth and command it with the help of the mobile application. Amabrush takes only 10 seconds to clean your teeth.

5. WATER FILTERING STRAW: This straw allows a person to drink water from any source without the fear of sucking harmful bacteria with it. The device is called Life Straw and the idea behind this gadget was to enable people living in developing countries to drink water from any water source. It has tech built into it which kills 99.9% of bacteria and 96.2% of viruses. This is becoming a mainstream thing for travellers around the world.

6. PANCAKE PRINTER: Kids want pancakes that look like their favorite cartoon character. Traditionally, people are used to eating round pancakes but pancake printer can design a pancake of your choice. All you have to do is connect the pancake printer to your mobile via Bluetooth and select the picture which you want your pancake to look like.

7. COLOR CHANGING PACKAGING: Today, we have to look for the expiry date on labels. American and Brazilian scientists have come up with the concept of colour-changing packaging. They are working to create plastic containers that can change its color if the contents inside it have expired. The pH level of food items change when they become inconsumable. This change in pH level triggers a reaction with the plastic and changes its color. This will make shopping convenient for the customers as they will be able to judge the freshness of a product just by looking at its packaging.

8. WINDSHIELD DISPLAY: You must have seen science fiction movies which showcase cars with a display on the windshield. This gadget does exactly that but on a basic level. The device is called Carloudy and can project images and information straight from the device that it is connected to on the windscreen. This helps in reducing distractions while driving and also, the device is voice-controlled.

9. TOUCHLESS BAG SEALER: Every household suffers from the problem of unsealed bags of chips. Exposure to air causes the chips to lose their crunchiness. iTouchless is a smart device that performs a simple function – creates an airtight seal. It is useful for people who like to purchase big bags of chips and eat them at regular intervals.

10. ELECTRONIC LUGGAGE TAG: This is a coin-sized device that you place inside the bag. The device stays connected to your phone at all times with the help of an application. In case you lost your bag, you would be able to find it simply by opening the mobile application. Not only bag, but you can also place it on a keyring, document folder, dog collar and so on.

11. POCKET CINEMA: There have been mobile phones in the past that had projectors built into them. Those were a bit gimmicky and the functionality was very limited. Pocket cinema goes by the name Capsule and can project clear motion pictures on your bedroom wall. The size of this thing is similar to a soda can. Also, it can be used as a standalone Bluetooth speaker.

12. SELF DRIVING AND ELECTRIC CARS: Electric cars have been around for quite some time now but they haven’t become mainstream yet. Electric car technology is improving with each passing day and by the end of 2020, electric cars will be as powerful as gas cars. Also, driverless cars becoming a reality. Some parts of the US have started trial runs of self-driving taxis.



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