The Lion King Collection breaks Box Office Records

lion king collection

The Lion King Collection and Review

The director of the Jungle book made a massive lion king collection on day 4 of the release of his super hit ‘The Lion King’. The movie made 50 crores + within 3 days of its release. The uproar of the movie is visible in all its versions be it Hindi, English, Tamil, or Telegu and is currently one of the top running movies.

The movie began with King Khan’s dialogue: “Aam log aksar yeh sochte hain ki who kya le sakte hai…. Lekin ek sachcha raja yeh sochta hai ki who kya de sakta hai”. Made with the budget of one thousand eight hundred crores, the movie is directed by Jon Favreau. Walt Disney’s production made its buzz in the entire country due to Aryan Khan’s voice. The leading character Mufasa is brought to life by SRK’s voice whereas the emotional character Simba was dubbed by his son Aryan. Though the first half of the movie has a lesser part for Aryan Khan to play, the second half is entirely pulled by him. The fresh voice lacks few emotions but it cannot be claimed that Aryan did not justify his role. On the other hand, the entry scene of Mufasa, with the full base of SRK’s voice, engages the audience widely.

It is an American musical film which was released in 1994 and its remake is presently released in 2019 in 2-D, 3-D, and 3-d IMAX. With the runtime of 118 minutes, the movie earned 11.06 crore on its very opening day in India (even after being provided with the scale count of 2140 only). With almost double collection on the second day and the family audience crowding the cinema halls, the Lion King collection was increased to 19.15 crores.

The Lion King Collection in the Past week

On Sunday, the movie crossed the record of earning 50 crores in the first 3 days of its release by earning 22 crores. Due to the working day, it was obvious to observe a drop in the collection on Monday but still making a decent collection of 5.77 crores. Making its gross collection of 84 crores, the movie earned 5.8 crores.

Overseas, the movie has received a good response from the critics on its animation due to which the movie has earned 535 Million USD i.e., 3745 crores and has obtained the verdict ‘Super Duper Hit’ worldwide officially. Considering the language, the movie has earned the maximum amount in the Hindi version.

The animated movie has made outstanding and record-breaking collections and it seems that its race won’t stop until it reaches the top 5 highest-earning Hollywood movies on Box Office in India. The list already has Avengers Endgame, Avengers Infinity War, and The Jungle Book at its top but now it seems that The Lion King too will soon conquer its position.


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