The Never to Miss Chinese Dishes

Chinese Dishes

Chinese Dishes : For those carrying their refined interest in food to the level of understanding the difference between chiffonade and julienne, Chinese cuisine is their destination. If the reason to travel to China is food, then Chinese cities offer the best mixture of flavors to soothe the tongue of a foodie.UNESCO, in 2010,announced Chengdu (southwest China) “City of Gastronomy”. With enough food for a lifetime, the southwest Chinese cities with a population of over 15 million people each, is a heaven for food lovers.

The streets of Guangzhou, home of Cantonese cuisine and dim sum, offer mouthwatering Fish Skin Salad. The strong sesame and cilantro flavors with a slimy and crunchy texture at the same time make it an aperitive dish.The super unique dish comprises of boiled freshwater fish skin mixed into a salad bowl full of soy sauce, onions, cilantro and ginger sprinkled with sesame seeds and peanuts.

Cheung Fen, juicy and ‘die for’ platter, is a filling of seasoned beef, pork, or shrimp in a gooey rice flour water pouch served with soy sauce. The dish is steamed and peeled off from cheesecloth. It is a simple and filling dish that is so hard not to like!

Ever thought food without chicken? Absolutely NO! A silky smooth Baiqieji Chicken salver is going to be the first choice of a gourmet. Best with some side dishes like fried rice noodles and beef or a tray of sweet red date spare ribs, this whole chicken is boiled in seasoned water to give the skin a nice and firm texture. Try it with garlic onion sauce.

The old is gold. A classical dish is next level heaven. Found on nearly every street corner of China, the roasted fatty honey BBQ pork aka Cha Shao, dripping with goo, costs only 6.59 USD. It’s a combination of fatty and lean, sweet and barbeque, crispy and soft All In One!

The cuisine surprises its connoisseurs via ‘Hole in The Wall Noodles’. The thought of tasting a tangy and sweet beef is like a wish-fulfillment fantasy. Served with hand made noodles, its best serving is a bowl of Beef Brisket Noodle Soup. Nice!

Visit a Cantonese seafood restaurant and the true meaning of insane will tacit. The Hongxing restaurant is more like a fish pet store. They have some controversial foods like crocodiles, water beetles, snakes, coral groupers, chicken testicles, turtles and sharks fin soup to some more common seafood like Boston lobsters and Alaskan king crabs. Alaskan King Crab with a Xiu Mai and Ha Gao dim sum is a huge high- class feast at a seafood restaurant. Dipping it into chili sauce will give a legendary taste ever.

If thinking of some flight alone dishes in Chinese cuisine, only Dim Sum can fulfill it. A huge dim sum breakfast fest is going to create a confusion Where to begin? The rice flour dumplings wrapped over pork and shrimp fat- Ha Gaopops and mouth come alive! The second best after a sticky rice ball is Lotus Leaf Rice filled with egg yolk, dried scallop, mushroom, chestnut, and chicken. It almost has an umami mouth feel to it.



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